ADHOC Networks Seminar Report

Introduction to ADHOC Networks Seminar Topic:

The main objective of this paper is to give an idea of adhoc networks. As we already there is a tremendous growth in usage of internet and the computing is also cheaper earlier. Generally personal networks which we come across daily are wired and have complicated topology. Due to this adhoc networks are being developed. This network does not require any router. In ad hoc networks base stations are not present and any two nodes are allowed to communicate directly if they are close to each other. Many of the companies have been offering their product s and services due to this.

Brief into design and working

The routing protocols used in this adhoc networks are table driven and source initiated. Table driven protocol maintain updated information from each and every node where as source initiated is  demand driven i.e it routes only when asked by source node only. There are two types of architectures available in wireless networks. In Stand alone architecture (adhoc mode) all the devices are communicating with each other in peer to peer connection mode whereas in centrally coordinated architecture all devices are connected to wireless network with the help of access point i.e router.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The adhoc networks are easy to set up when compared to that of conventional networks. These networks are highly Portable and reliable. The adhoc networks do not require any additional equipment like wires and devices like hub and routers. The main disadvantage of this network is that if computer is connected to the Internet gateway then it should be always turned on.

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