Security and Privacy in Wireless LAN Latest CSE Seminar Idea

Security and Privacy in Wireless LAN Latest CSE Seminar Idea:  Wireless local area networks (WLANs) are metamorphosing the landscape of computer networking. With the use of laptops and personal digital assistants, there is a big demand of adoption of WLANs. Network team is using WLANs to facilitate network add-ons, moves, and changes.

This document furnishes about fundamental Internet Privacy and Security, technical and complex security, and multiple number of methods how the security of WLANs can be breached. It also contributes prevention on potential assault on WLANs network.

The different kinds of attacks are eavesdropping, tampering, utilizing antennas, war driving, malicious association, interference and jamming. Brute-Force attack, Mac spoofing-Identity theft, man-in-the-middle attack, and Denial-of-Service attack

The high-speed WLANs offer the benefits of network connection without the prevention of being connected by wires. It extends or replaces a wired infrastructure in places where cables are costly or prohibited. Using laptop computers and wireless NICs, portable access to wireless networks are achieved.

With wireless connection, the user can travel to various locations and can have access to networked data. Wireless networks provide more mobility and flexibility to stay connected to the Internet and to the network in any business field. It is widely used in many areas like airports, restaurants, rail stations, and common areas etc.


It is preferred to have only one access point and enables to process under a secure operating system like Linux. It must be occasionally boot up and trap sections to know for any unauthorized signatures. The user should connect via a VPN, WEP is enabled, the access point is secured and hence cannot be reset, and access point must in a position for the radio frequency. The network traffic between the LAN and access point passes through a firewall. It helps to block any possible DoS attacks. It prevents the attacks from entering the enterprise LAN on the WLAN.

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