Home wireless network Seminar Topic for Technical CSE Students

This paper discussed the process of setting up a home wireless network. In order to setup a home wireless network there is a need to complete an initial wireless router setup and then add computers and devices to the network.  As the availability of routers, internet access increases rapidly in the market it is easy to set up a wireless network.


We need to connect to the internet which is the first step, for that we need to ensure the internet connection and modems are in working state.   The second step is connecting wireless router to modem. Then modem should allow us to connect to the internet.  When computer connects to the router wirelessly, the router sends communications to the internet with the help of modem. ISP’s instructions are always available to guide on how to connect router to modem.  Once connects router to modem there is a need to configure the network, which is a third step in the process.

Temporarily connects the computer to open network port on the wireless router using the wireless router cable.  So later whenever the computer is turn on then the connection should establish with the router automatically.  Need to type an URL in internet explorer page in order to configure the router. The router configuration page may prompts for the password and password or address need to be given as per router’s instruction page.  

The three things need to be configure in router configuration page are wireless network name (SSID), Wi-Fi protected access and an administrative password. The fourth step involves in this process includes the connection of computers, printers and other devices to the wireless network.  Instructions for adding wired, wireless devices and printers to the computers are available always in online.  Once the computer and devices are connected to each other, and then can share files, printers and games among the internet users.


This paper discussed five steps to set up a home wireless network. All the steps mentioned here are so clear for an user to implement in order to set up a wireless network at home.

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