CSE Latest Seminar Topic on Wireless Internet Access: 3G vs Wi-Fi

Introduction to G Versus Wi-Fi:

This paper compares two wireless internet access services “Wi-Fi” and “3G”, which are most popular in current telecommunications world.


3G is an emerging technology among mobile services. 3G has a capability to provide very high data rate in different radio environments and also can provide attractive multimedia services.  3G is popular wireless communication technology, which cannot be replaced by any technology in coming few more years.  In digital mobile phone networks communications, entertainment and information services are delivered to the users through wireless terminals with the help of 3G wireless services. 


Wireless LANs are supported by Wi-Fi which refers to 802.11b wireless Ethernet standards. There are many services providers offering Wi-Fi at certain costs in selected areas. Some organizations are providing open access to subsidized Wi-Fi technologies.

Similarities between Wi-Fi and 3G:

There are few similarities exists between Wi-Fi and 3G like both are wireless network technologies and both are capable to provide broadband data services with high data rates. 

Differences between Wi-Fi and 3G:

3G technology offers its services to mobile communication where as Wi-Fi offers its services to both mobile and internet communications.3G services are emerging as a replacement of 2G networks and Wi-Fi is entered into the market as a replacement of existing WLAN. Unlicensed shared spectrum has been used by Wi-Fi and licensed spectrum is using by 3G. Wi-Fi network cannot manage interference from other Wi-Fi service providers. But as 3G using licensed spectrum, it can able to manage interference from other service providers. 3G is more developed than Wi-Fi as a service model. Formal standards picture for 3G is clearer than for WLAN. 


Both 3G and Wi-Fi are rapidly growing wireless technologies which provide broadband wireless access. In future, both of these technologies laid down the innovative and successful path in communications world.  Integration of these services will help to emerging a powerful and successful mass market deployment.

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