Wireless Mesh Networks Seminar Report

Introduction to Wireless Mesh Networks Seminar Topic:

Mesh networks the multichip and the ad hoc networks are the array which is adjoined by the wireless system. These networks can handle themselves easily and groups them into the ad hoc networks topologies. Mesh networks are made by the combination of the mobiles nodes which are crossly connected by the wireless links to establish an ad hoc network. These devices are always the real active chunks of the mesh networks. In the upcoming technology MAC the medium access control and the PHY layers are used by the mesh networks to improve the local area network connections and it’s the area which it covers.

The system architecture for the mesh network is that it is a purely the whole wireless connection of networks which contain the wired internet as its backbone called the main device supports of the mesh networks. The wired internet connection is the provided to the access points these connection later goes to the wireless routers, these wireless routers connects the all other system to each other and then the final connection of the mesh network goes to the end users for use. This is also called as the three tier architecture.

Mesh networks is build basically on the 802.11 technology which concentrates on permitting the access to the internet services. By this service users can share files and folders via wireless connections.  Advantages of mesh networks are large scale development, reability, self management and the reduction of installation costs etc…  due to the WLAN connections installation cost is highly reduced. Standards WLAN connections are used in the large scale development, reability is the main support of the WLAN connections and the mesh networks, self management as the name tells itself configures the P2P networks.

The mesh network points to the latest markets and the requirements of the user which are fulfilled by the wireless networks. So the Mesh network is the best device for the ad hoc networking. These mesh networks also completes the needs of the P2P networks.

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