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Introduction to 4G Wireless Systems Full Seminar Topic:

As the technology grows day by day mobile device are also been developed by getting lighter, smaller and more powerful. Most of the mobile phones are been smart which are capable of doing all sort of operation done in computers, are able perform video conference, etc. For such high performance may not be capable to operate in 3G network until a fully integrated IP network is created. For this features the next generation network was introduced the 4G.

It was set available around 2010, where the end user can expect low cost for data bits as well as reliability and speed which should be more efficient than 3G networks. 4G system can provide an end-to-end IP solution where data, voice and streamed multimedia, and can be delivered to users on an “Anytime, Anywhere” basis at a higher data rates than 3G networks.

It is designed as a fully IP-based integrated system of systems and network of networks wired and wireless networks, it is able to provide data rate of 100 MB/s than the previous generation networks, 4G provides end to end QoS (quality of service), it is able to provide high security, it provides integrated multimedia, video, voice wireless internet and other broad band services and Global mobility, service portability, scalable mobile networks, Better scheduling and call admission control techniques.

One of the main challenges faced in 4G development was how to access several wireless networks and different mobile phones, for this problems three main architecture are been designed they are, Multimode device, overlay network and the common access protocols these architectures are been briefly discussed in this paper. Some of the other main challenges faced during the development were seamless connectivity, latency. This paper also discuss about the technologies used in the 4G, Open wireless architecture (OWA), spectrum efficient high speed wireless mobile transmission. 

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