Design & Development of E – Agriculture Java project

The main objective of this E Agriculture Project is to build a website that will help Indian farmers to make effective cultivation by providing information on crops and making a path to earn more money from Indian villages by selling their products to different cities online and by registering their crops to get their suitable price for their crops. They can open this site and register with it and sell and buy their products and register their crops online etc.

  • The website “E Agriculture Project” is for farmers.
  • This website contains information about different types of effective farming and irrigation techniques.
  • This website gives information on crop management to satisfy the demand for a particular crop to reduce crop prices.
  • Through this E Agriculture website, the government can buy products directly from farmers.
  • Through this website, farmers can buy seeds, and fertilizers directly
  • The farmers can have a deal with the government for a certain cost.
  • So farmers can have a lot of profits.

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10,
Technology: Net Beans
Database: MySQL

Modules Description:


This helps the farmer to login by which they can know about soil information Crops suitable for different regions and government schemes and register the crops which they want to produce.

New Register:

If the farmer wants to log in the has to first register by clicking new register and Filling in the details


Once the farmer has logged in he can register the crops in their region, buy products, Sell products, Know crop information, soil information, schemes given by the government, update details, available at home

Crop Management:

It has all information about crops suitable for different regions, soil information, and all crop Information, scheme of the government

Crop Registration:

It helps the farmer to register for the crops that they want to produce in their region. This leads to the balancing of crops and certainty in the price of crops

Buy Products (seeds, fertilizers):

It helps the farmer to buy fertilizers and seeds from the government without agents between

Update details:

It helps the farmer to update their details which they have filled in the new registration

Download the Design & Development of E – Agriculture Java project Source Code, Report.

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