Development of Online College Yearbook Java Project

The main aim & objective of development of Online College Yearbook java project is to provide an online platform to the college management, Staff and student alumni.

With the help of this project Students & Staff can able see the tasks & achievements done in previous years.

Statement of Problem:

Every year, for each institution it is a part of the curriculum to showcase the tasks, achievements completed by students and teachers, manually, it is not suitable and chores take longer time to prepare.


For the IT department, in our college we want to develop a website which helps in uploading, updating the required information in any form.

This provides accessibility, privacy and is user-friendly as well. With each academic year passing by, new information can be added as per requirement.

Scope of Work:

This project Development of online college yearbook is developed based on MySQL, Java, HTML, and CSS.

Mainly this project focuses on providing information regarding the achievements of the IT department every year.

The below youtube video is the total output demo of the online college yearbook project.


This Java project consists of 3 major modules


  • Admin Login with Username & Password
  • Add & View Teacher Achievements
  • Add & View Student Achievements
  • Logout


  • Teacher Register with his/her details
  • Login with Username & Password
  • Update Profile
  • View Achievements
  • Logout


  • Register
  • Login
  • Update Profile
  • View Achievements
  • Logout

Activity Diagram:

UML - Activity Diagram

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Output Screens Details:

Home Page:

Development of College Yearbook Home Page
Home Page

Registration Page:

Development of College Yearbook User Registration Page
User Registration Page

Login Page:

Development of College Yearbook Login Page
Login Page

Admin Home:

Add Teacher Achievements

View Teacher Achievements

College Yearbook View Teacher Achievements output
View Teacher Achievements

Update Teacher Achievements

Add Student Achievements

View Student Achievements

Update Student Achievements

Teacher Home Page

Teacher Update Profile Page

View Teacher Achievements

View Students Achievements

Student Home

Update Profile

View Students Achievements

View Teacher Achievements

View Teacher Achievements Page
View Teacher Achievements

Download the below attached Project Source Code of College Yearbook system.

Software requirements to run/execute the project:

  • JAVA (Servlets, JSP)
  • NetBeans 8.1
  • JDK 1.7
  • MySQL 5.5
  • SQLYog
  • HTML
  • JavaScript and CSS

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