Online College Voting System Java Project


This system provides an online tool for the students to vote on different questions posted by admin. In this system, there will be two main pages to be able to access: Admin page and user Page.

From the Admin, page administrator will be able to design the voting application and upload new questions on different topics which are relevant to college students. From the Voting page, the user will be able to view all questions and vote for the interesting question.

According to the login credentials, the system will determine if the user is Administrator or the user and open the pages given access to the user credentials.

Modules Implementation:


Admin can log in with username and password and upload information like questions and four options for each question.  Admin can view answers given by students in graphical view in percentage.


The user will log in with student roll number and view all questions posted by admin and student can vote for all questions.


In the existing system, there are no specific websites dedicated to colleges who can participate voting from any location. There are many applications on e-voting for political parties but there are very few web applications which are used for voting or general questions or college-related topics questions. 


In the proposed system, we are developing e-voting system for college purpose which will have features of admin and user. Here admin will post questions based on social topics or subject related topics related to college. Students can log in and vote to topics and view percentage of votes for each question.


  • Operating system: Windows XP/7.
  • Coding Language: Java
  • Tool: Netbeans
  • Database: MYSQL

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