College Placements & Assistance System Java Project


This College Placements & Assistance System application is a smart web application which helps students to find easy placements and internships for different companies which are registered in the application. The application main aim is to unite the students and companies on a platform so that the searching of jobs will be easy for students and searching for employees will be easy for companies also. In this application, companies will register and login into the application and post the notice of job by specifying all the details, like how many vacancies and requirements.

The company will also conduct the internships so that also will be posted by adding internship details like whether it is full-time or part-time, etc. The students must also have registered and login into the application and the student can view the notices of internship and job available for that company so the student can apply by uploading a resume. Here in this application admin will give the placement assistance by providing training. Admin will upload a document for training that can be seen by the student and they can follow and get assistance.

This application has 3 modules

  1. Student
  2. Company
  3. Admin


Student must be registered to get login, after registering the student must login and he can view the basic functionalities of student on the home page the student can view the notices of jobs posted by different companies and also he can view the internships posted by the companies so that student can apply for company by uploading resume . A student can also get placement assistance from the admin the admin will upload a document regarding company placement so that student can follow that get assistance


The company must also be registered and get login, After login, the company will post the number of vacancies in the company for a position and also they will offer internships for students.


Admin will log in with the default username and password after logging he can view the users registered and companies registered. He will provide the placement assistance to students by uploading a document regarding how to train for placements.


In the existing system the student need to go companies for joining in internships or for applying for jobs so they need to search the companies and go to company and apply for the job this is very long and time taking process, and also companies need to publish the ads or they contact consultancies to fil their vacancies this process takes time. So these all problems are resolved with this application.


In the Proposed System the companies and students will be on the same application companies which are registered will post the vacant job notices and internship for the students so they need not consult any other people. The students who are registered in the application will see the posts of the companies and they will apply for the companies and hence the procedure became simple and time efficient

Software requirements:

Jdk1.8, NetBeans 8.0.2, MySQL5.5, SQLYog



This page shows the appearance of the home page of the project and the modules present in the project.

Training :

This page shows the admin uploaded documents for training and assistance for students.

Our recruiters:

This page shows the recruiters available to offer jobs for students.

Selection process:

This page gives the complete information about how the selection process will be done for companies.
Academics :

This Page shows the academics details.
Students profile:

This page shows the users registered in the application.
Student registration:

In this page student will register by giving all the basic details like his personal and academic information.
Student login:

In this page student will login by giving his username and password and the type of login like student or admin or company.
Student home:

After Successful login the user will be shown the user home page with basic functionalities.
My profile:

This page shows the profile information of the user.
View notice:

In this page student will see the notices posted by the company.

View internship:

In this page student will see the internships posted by the companies.
Apply company :

In this page student will apply for the company notices.
Company registration:

In this page company will register by providing the necessary details.
Company login:

In this page company will login with the username and password and the login type.
Company home:

After Successful login the page show the home page of company with basic functionalities.
My profile:

In this company can view his profile details.
View applications:

In this page company can view the students who applied for the job and internships.
Add notice:

In this page company will add the notice to fill the vacancies in the company by giving necessary details.

Add internship:

In this page company will add the internships for students.
Admin login:

In this page admin will login by giving username and password.

Admin home:

After Successful Login the admin will get the admin home page with the basic functionalities.
Upload :

In this page admin will upload the document for providing placement assistance for students.

View students &delete :

In this page admin can view the students and delete them if necessary.
View company & delete:

In this page admin can view the registered companies and delete them if necessary

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