College Bus Tracking System Java Project


  • The college bus tracking system helps users to know the bus location so that the users don’t get delayed or don’t arrive at the stop too early.
  • In order to overcome increased waiting for time and uncertainty in arrival, we have come with this project.


  • The main goal is to find the location of the bus so that the users do not get delayed.


  • Location of the bus is not known, thus we need to ask the bus information for respective persons.
  • Long time waiting for the bus.
  • Chances of missing bus.


  • We are expecting to find the location of the bus and let the users know the location.
  • so that one can manage their time efficiently and reach their stop just before the bus arrives or take an alternate means of transport if they miss the bus or they are running late.

UML Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Output Screens:

Home Page:

Add Tracking Details:

View Map:

Output Screen names:

  • Home Page
  • Admin Login Page
  • Admin Home Page
  • View Users & Activate Page
  • Add Bus Route Page
  • Track Bus Details Page
  • Driver Login Page
  • Driver Home Page
  • View My Route Details Page
  • Add Tracking Details Page
  • User Registration Page
  • User Login Page
  • User Home Page
  • View My Profile Page
  • View Bus Routes Page
  • View Map Page
  • Track Bus Details Page
  • Map Page

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  1. Can you please send me the source code for reference by tomorrow?
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    Thanks in advance!!

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