Results Through Emails Java Project


  • Introduction
  • Existing system and proposed system
  • Software components
  • Hardware components
  • Advantages

Results Through Emails (Entasi free)

The word entasi came from Greek origin which means tension and the name of the website gives the meaning tension free. The idea of this Results Through Emails website entasi free came into existence due to the problem faced by the students during the time of results. Generally, all the students face the problem in checking their results as soon as they are kept on portal.

Because the server gets bulk login requests and it just breaks down. The one click solution to this problem is our website entasi free which enables the students to get the results through email. Here the email id’s of the students are linked with the website as soon as the administrator logins and submit the details the mails are sent to the respective email id’s.

Existing System

Results are checked in the Results Through Emails website which is a very time consuming process.

Proposed System

Make the way easy application where results are directly send to the students mail id with out wasting time.


  • We use HTML(hyper text markup language) in order to create the web pages
  • And these web pages linked using the code written in java
  • We use my SQL database in order to store the data like student roll numbers, email-id’s and results


  • The hardware components used in order to create the website are as follows
  •  computer with 2GB RAM
  • Internet
  • External hard drives and DVD’s for backup
  • And a server computer



The admin of the website logins into the website and after authentication he will go with updating the database with new results. After the process of altering the database and updating it the admin further proceeds in sending the results to the students through e-mails.

Description About The User Actions

The user just registers into the website by giving his mail id and later on there is no direct interaction of the user with the website. The results are directly sent to their mail-id’s and then the students login into their mail-id’s and check the results and send the feedback.

Sequence diagram when student is checking the result


User(student) registers into the website by giving his mail-id admin verifies the user and validate his account. Admin then send them results through mails.

Sequence Model


The admin logins and authenticates then the db class verifies the user and grants the permission to access it. Later, he can alter and update the results and send them to students through mails.


This website can be used by the universities in order to release the semester results.



Student’s registration form

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  1. Sir please send me source code of “results through emails using Java project “/
    Please tell me where i can find the source code for this project

  2. Hi There,

    Firstly I would like to thank you so much for making this website, yes its really helpful for all the students who usually login to the websites and just fight with the browser to get the chance in the rush, but couldn’t get any luck.

    I just checked and went through this java project website but couldn’t find the source code. Is there any link or something hidden by which we can download the source code, if not could you please send me the source code on my email address as I really need it.

    Thank you so much again 🙂

  3. Hello sir! will u please send the souce code to my gmail, as i really interested in developing this project.

    thanking you!

    1. I really admire your innovative idea about the project that you have developed, and moreover, I’m very much interested to know more about this project, could you please send me the source code, it will be very helpful to me to do such projects.

      thanking you!

  4. Sir, please send me the source code. I selected this topic as my final year project so, please help me out sir.

  5. Hi..
    It’s one of the unique and innovative idea for many problems facing by the students…
    Can I get the source code for this project…

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