Development of RunAway Holidays .Net Project

Our Development of RunAway Holidays Project has one Module and it had developed by using .net technologies.

  1. Agent


1.  Register
2.  Forgot Password
3.  Login
4.  Edit Profile
5   Agent Menu
a.  Booking Details

  1. Retrieve booking
  2. Check Fare
  3. Cancellation


The administrator has to register first of all.
* Registration is allowed for only one administrator i.e once an admin is registered no other person is allowed to register again.
* After registering, if he/she forgets his/her password, he can get it by giving valid id & emailid and then answering the secret question correctly.
* Once admin provides valid id & password for login, he/she can go to the menu. 

Using this menu admin can

  • edit his/her profile.
  • Add/update/delete/view Booking Details



Use Case Diagram for Agent

Activity Diagram for Agent

Deployment Diagram

Login Flow Diagram

State Diagram:

Database Table:

Output Screens include:

  • Home Page:
  • Agent Login Page:
  • Agent Home Page:
  • Booking Details Page:
  • Retrieve Booking Page:
  • Fares Page:
  • Cancellation Page:
  • Ticket Cancelled Page:


Operating System: Windows

Database: Sql Server

Server side technology: ASP.Net

Server side scripting : ASP

Client-side scripting : HTML, JavaScript

Web-Server : IIS

Database Details below:

Admin Table

  • admin name
  • admin password

Agent Table

  • first name
  • last name
  • mno
  • email id
  • date of birth
  • address
  • city
  • state
  • country
  • pin code
  • agname
  • agpswd
  • agcpswd
  • pswdhint

bbooking Table

  • tname
  • bno
  • type
  • nos
  • bfrom
  • bto
  • atime
  • dtime
  • tcost
  • bdate

Bus Table

  • tname
  • bno
  • type
  • nos

Card table

  • type
  • bname
  • validity
  • number
  • hname

Customer Table

  • fname
  • lname
  • mno
  • eid
  • dob
  • address
  • city
  • state
  • country
  • pin
  • uname
  • upswd
  • ucpswd
  • pswdhint

Feed Table

  • fto
  • ffrom
  • sug
  • per

hbooking Table

  • hname
  • reg
  • type
  • noa
  • nona
  • place
  • address
  • phno
  • ac
  • nonac
  • cac
  • cnonac

hcard Table

  • type
  • bname
  • validity
  • number
  • hname

Hotel Table

  • hname,
  • reg
  • type,
  • noa
  • nona
  • place,
  • address,
  • phno


  • hticket
  • uname
  • hname
  • reg
  • aday
  • dday
  • type
  • typer
  • place
  • nor
  • cost

Map Table

  • place
  • district
  • state
  • country
  • img_pk
  • img_stream
  • img_type

tcard Table

  • type
  • bname
  • validity
  • number
  • hname

Ticket Table

  • ticketid
  • uname
  • bname
  • bno
  • type
  • nos
  • bfrom
  • bto
  • atime
  • dtime
  • cost
  • bdate

Tour Table

  • packid
  • package
  • nop
  • cost

tticket Table

  • tticketid
  • uname
  • packid
  • package
  • nop
  • cost

Download Development of RunAway Holidays .Net Project Code and Database

Logistics Automation and Management System Java Project Synopsis

Project Analysis:

The main aim of this project is to provide a complete logistics based management system. This Logistics Automation and Management System application consists of following modules

  1. Application Module
  2. Central Admin Module
  3. Online Admin Module
  4. Application Sync Module
  5. Multi-Phase Automation Management Module

Module I:  Application Module:

The application module provides the solutions for the branch installations and corporate installations. The features of this module are

  • Route Based Trips Management.
  • Door Pick Up Support
  • Door Delivery Support
  • Location Based Door Delivery Loading Sheet
  • Entire Customer Details at All Branches

Module II: Central Admin Module:

Central Admin module is the administrative module to be operated by the Head Office of the company. Here are the various options are provided to control the Application module. The features of this module are

  • Paid, Payable, Partial Pay Feature
  • Operational Accounts
  • Centralized Administrative Controls
  • User-friendly Local data Backup
  • User Initiated Local data Restoration
  • Centrally Controlled Invoice Rate Settings.

Module III: Online Admin Module:

The Online Admin Module controls Branch Creation and Editing, application user creation and their permission management etc. The features of this module are

  • Versatile Branch Commission Setting
  • Admin Controlled User Management
  • Consignments Temporary Unloading
  • Temporary Trips Management
  • Branch Locked Customers
  • Multi-Branch Customer.

Module IV: Application Sync Module:

It serves as a communication tool between branches and head office. The features of this module are

  • Duplicate Customer Merger
  • Customer Credit with Limit
  • Multi-Phase Automation
  • Multiple Companies through Single Interface
  • Automatic remote Data Backup
  • Automatic Online Data Restoration.

Module V: Multi-Phase Automation Management module:

This module provides the advantage of allowing phased automation of branches and later adds new branches with previous data backup. The features of this module are

  • Inter-Branch Intranet Synchronization
  • Auto Bug reporting System
  • Automatic Application Updates
  • Extended web portal
  • Online Customer Support
  • Online Booking enabled
  • Intelligent Consignment Tracking.

Software requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Technology: Java/J2EE (Servlets, JSP, JDBC)
  • Web Technologies: Html, JavaScript, CSS
  • Web Server: Tomcat 7.0
  • Database: Oracle 10g Express Edition
  • Software ’s: JDK 7

Hardware requirements:

  • Hardware: Pentium based systems with a minimum of P4
  • RAM: 1 GB (minimum)

Secure Web Portal for Water Distribution and Quality Assurance


Water Distribution and management is a web application which enhances and emphasizes the way water is distributed and maintaining the quality. The people who are in search of water for their regular uses can contact us by using this application. We Provide water to different areas in the city with monthly packages at affordable rates. We also construct the harvesting pits based on square feet’s in different areas. In this application, there are two modules.

The Water Distribution and Quality Assurance Web application used for water distribution and quality assurance. The users can order water tankers. This portal also helps the user to check the amount of water distributed in each locality of the city limits.

UML Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

The web portal also describes the different levels of quality assurance tests done on the water before its supply.

  1. Admin
  2. User



Admin will log in into the application using username and password and he can add the locations to which he wants to make service available for that location. Admin can add packages for water and harvesting pits and he can view the user request and accept accordingly and admin also view the user feedback and he will give the quality assurance for each location.

The admin module manages the service providers. That is the admin has to provide the services such as

1. The online payments for monthly payments of water distributed to different houses.

2. Onlinetanker booking.

3. Quality assurance of the water supply


The user will register and login into the application using username and password and he can view the services added by admin and user will search services based on location and he can book the service then the request will be sent to admin and he can also view the status of the booking.

Any user whether he/she is registered or unregistered can access the portal, except for the ones who order water tankers have to use their given username and password for payment details and to make online payments for monthly water distribution. The unregistered users can register by filling the registration form.

Output Screens:

Home Page:

Admin Login:

Admin Home Page:

User Login:

User Home Page:

User Search Results:

Existing System:

In the existing system, the water distribution having a lot of problems all the people cannot able receive the tankers and if at all they need the service they need to visit the nearest want maintaining service agencies and book a request, this is a lengthy process.

Proposed System:

In the Proposed system, the water distribution is reachable to many users they can just login into the application and complete the process in an easy manner and they can also see the quality assurance of the service provided by admin.

All Output Screens:

  • Home Page
  • Admin Login
  • Admin Home
  • View Users
  • View User Requests
  • Add Location
  • Add Service
  • Water Services
  • Add Harvest Pit Services
  • Add Package
  • Quality Assurance
  • View User Feedback
  • User Login
  • User Registration
  • User Home
  • Search Water Tankers
  • Search Results
  • Search Pits Results
  • View Status
  • Guest Page

Software Requirements:

  • JDK 1.8
  • NetBeans 8.0.2
  • MySQL 5.5
  • SQLYog

Training and Placement Cell Java Project


Training and placement cell is smart java based web application used to find the placements around you and this final year project allows you to directly apply for the drive and the company who is conducting the drive will see your request and if they interested in your profile they will accept the request.

This procedure is very much easy and time saving for those who are attending drives. In this application, the admin will log in and add the companies by giving all the necessary details. The admin can view the user requests if any registered user’s login and view the drives and send a request for a drive.

Now the admin can accept the user requests by seeing his details in user details like his percentage in Engineering etc. Before accepting the user admin will search the user by the name he can find the details of user like Resume etc. This application will help the user in finding right jobs to apply.

There are two modules in the application

  1. Admin
  2. User


Admin will login into the application by giving username and password and admin can view the registered users in the application and their basic information about academics. Admin Will post the Drive notices if any campus placements or drives taking place in the college. Admin can also search the registered users and admin can view the users resume by clicking on the users.  Admin can accept the drive requests from the user.


The user will register and login into the application by giving username and password. The user will see the drive uploaded by the admin. If the user is Interested in the drive he can send the request for the drive and if admin accepts the user request he can attend the drive.

Existing System: 

In the existing system, we need to search for jobs on different websites and we may not know whether they are correct or not so there may chance of misguiding users. In the existing system if the recruiter needs to the user resume by the details given by him.

Proposed System:

In the Proposed System, the registered user can directly view the jobs, which are posted by admin. If the user is interested, he can directly send the request. If the recruiter wants to see the user resume he can just directly search the user and he can find the username.

Output Screens:

Home Page

Fig 1: Home Page

This page shows the basic view of how the home page of the application looks showing the modules present in the application.

Fig 2: Admin login

In this Admin login page admin can login into the application by giving username and password.

Fig 3: Admin Home Page

Successful login the home page of admin shows the basic functionalities of admin.

Fig 4: View User Details page

In this view user details page admin can view the user details and their academic details.

Fig 5: Add placements Drive Notice

In this add placements drive notice page admin will ad the drive details like company name, department etc.

Fig 6: View User Requests

In this view user requests page admin can view the user request for a drive and admin accept the users.

Fig 7: search Users page

In this search users page admin can search the registered users in the application.

Fig 8: View Search Results Page

After searching the user’s admin will get results as a list of students and click on the user you will get above results.

Fig 9: User Registration

In this user registration page user will register into the application by giving necessary details.

Fig 10: User Login page

In this user login page user will login into the application by giving username and password.

Fig 11: User Home Page

Successful login user will enter into the page showing the basic functionalities of the user.

Fig 12: View Company Placements Drives Page

In this View Company Placements Drives Page, the user can view the placement drives uploaded by the admin.

Software Requirements: 

JDK 1.8, NetBeans 8.0.2, MySQL5.5, SQLYog

Exam Branch Management System Java Project


It emphasizes two main concepts of the examination branch that results in the analysis and distribution of memoranda. The results analysis focuses on the percentage of class passes in each subject and the number of students approved in all subjects. The note distribution includes information about the list of students who took the memos and the date of receipt.

Existing System

• Maintaining all the data manually by records.
• Don’t have Subject wise marks display process in Examination branch related to class or Subject.


  • Take Time consuming process for search memorandums.
  • No Efficiency for usage.
  • Maintaining records as Cost effective.

Proposed System

An application is developed so that the information of the students who have received the memos and the date of issue of their memos is stored.
Along with the pass percentage of every class, we can also view pass percentage of every subject of a class.

UML Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Student sequence Diagram:

Lecturer Sequence diagram:

Admin Sequence diagram:

Student Collaboration Diagram:

Admin Collaboration Diagram:

Class Diagram:

ER Diagram:

Deployment Diagram:

Component Diagram:

DFD Diagram:


Admin Module:

Here admin can log in and maintain student and store their details in the database. Distribute required details to students.

Students Module:

Student contains authentication process mean registration and login fields. The student has individual hall ticket number and also views total result with overall subjects and related results. In this Module, the Students can view their marks information and with the particular subject marks of every class.

Output Screens:

Home Page:

Admin Login Page:

Admin Home Page:

Faculty Allocation Page:

Add Time Table:

Exam Fee Details:

Student Memos:

Students List:


Students Full List:

Exam Time Table:

Student Registration Form:

Student Login:

Download Exam Branch Management System Java Project Code, Report, Database