Online E-Waste Management System Project

Need to develop an online e-waste management system in Java language.
online e-waste management should be done at the panchayat level.

Admin should be the panchayath and should be able to monitor the staffs and customer and send emails to them for communications.

the main functionalities that need to include is below


  • Admin
  • updating of products
  • payment list
  • view daily and weekly reports
  • add/remove products
  • login/register
  • attendance
  • send emails
  • customer
  • product selection
  • buy/sell products
  • payment
  • login/register
  • feedback
  • collection agents
  • collection
  • receive products
  • connection to the recycling company

e-waste management system

The e-waste management system is to be done in a panchayat or a residence association.

A member of the panchayat/residence association will be the admin. Admin should be able to view the attendance of the staff, maintain the payment list of both customer and staff.

The member of the panchayath/residence association will be the customer. The persons who view and purchase products will be consumers.

The people who collect waste according to admin’s instruction will be the collection agents/staff/employee. Functionalities of each user are described below


  • login/logout
  • view products uploaded by the customer
  • add/remove products
  • upload products
  • view weekly/daily reports
  • maintain the allocation of staff
  • view the attendance of staff
  • payment list of staff
  • payment list of customer
  • add/remove customer
  • add/remove staffs
  • send messages to staff about the e-waste and location
  • informs the date on which staff come to collect waste
  • informs the customer when the date is preponed or postponed
  • view feedback
  • approval of products uploaded by the customer
  • verification(if both customer and staff send confirmation message)


  • login/logout
  • registration
  • view products
  • purchase products
  • view description of products


  • login/logout
  • mark attendance
  • view messages from admin about the e-waste and location
  • receive products
  • send confirmation message
  • send messages to admin if there is any inconvenience


  • login/logout
  • Registration
  • upload products
  • Sell products
  • Send confirmation message to admin
  • remove products
  • receive the date as a message from admin about the day on which staff
  • come to collect e-waste
  • send message to an admin if there is any inconvenience
  • upload description about the product
  • send feedback to admin

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