Campus Pedia – College Management System PHP Project


Campus Management System is educational network project which aims to completely managing colleges, institutes and universities by providing better interaction between students, faculty, and administration. It will provide seamless interaction between the stakeholders enables small administration and management of various teaching, non-teaching and administrative activities.


To have unique projects and develop our own innovative ideas. To become an original thinker by weighing up differing arguments and draw your own conclusions without copying others work.

The objective of the thesis:  

To produce Campus Management System in the undergraduate projects and create awareness about it.

Proposed Work:

Campus Management System is an advanced network information sharing system. Here we can share the information in an effective manner. We can post our ideas and any information instantly. It is interrelated with the different management systems. It will help full to exchanging and providing the latest information and updates quickly. It will provides seamless interaction between the different users.

Database Design:

Here we have seven modules. They are:

  • Admin
  • HOD
  • Counselor
  • Staff
  • Librarian
  • Student
  • TPO

Admin Module: Admin is the person, who works in the administrative department. In Campus Management System he has the ability to activate new users, who are accessing the application, like STUDENT, HOD, COUNSELOR. He can Track the details of any staff or student from his Account.

HOD Module: Person how Are acting as a head of the Department, they having their own account to control the department activities. Like: Assign Councilor’s, Adding new users like Staff and Student etc.

Councilor Module: Councilor is the person who monitoring particular students, who assigned by the HOD. He/ She can update student profiles based on student`s request.

Staff Module: Staff can see the timetables belong to their Own department. And the can update their own profiles. The can ask quires and they can give their answer for the quires which is sent by others.

Librarian Module: In this module home posts gallery, library, settings. Librarian can handle the student requests. He can update the book’s information.

Student Module: He/She can able to post any ideas can able to reserve books from the library.Can give feedback to their HOD or Councilor or ADMIN. He can see his profile if any modification is there in his profile he can post some message to his counselor as a feedback.

TPO Module: He can post the any latest information about placements. And he can track the student profile based on their academics and backlogs.

System Design:

Class Diagram:

Usecase Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Collaboration Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Family.

Application Server:    Xampp.

Web designing languages :  HTML5, CSS3.

Scripts :   JavaScScripts:

Server side Script :   PHP.

IDE IDE: beans

Database: MySQL.

Database Connectivity : PhpMyAdmin.

Browsers support: IE9, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera

Hardware Requirements:

Processor Speed: 1.1GHZ

RAM:   512MB RAM & above

Hard Disk:   80GB & above

Keyboard: Standard Windows Keyboard

Mouse:   Two or Three button

Monitor:   VGA


Fig: 7.1 Login page

Fig: 7.2.Admin Home Page

Fig: 7.3 : HOD Home Page

Fig.7.4: Student Home Page

Fig.7.5: Counselor Home Page

Fig.7.6: TPO Home Page

Fig.7.7: Librarian Home Page

Fig.7.8: TPO track

Fig.7.9: TPO Upload

Fig.7.10: Change password

Fig.7.11: Posts

Fig.7.12: Library reservation

Fig.7.13: Ask queries

Fig.7.14: Student feedback panel

Fig.7.15: Assign counselor

Fig.7.16: Feedbacks

Fig.7.17: Activate new users

Fig.7.18: See timetables

Fig.7.19: Track User

Fig.7.20: Student requests library

Fig.7.21: Upload Books Details:

Fig.7.22: Counselor track


Campus Management System is an Educational Network Which Will Helpful To Share The Information between the different users Effectively and quickly and also provide good interaction between the different users.

Future Scope:

1. Now in our project, we are using the MySql Database, in future, we would like to implement in Oracle.

2. In future, we would like to provide more services to the users.

Implementation of Floyd’s Algorithm Java Project

Existing System:

The existing system is provided with the algorithm that consists of only insertion and deletion of vertices, edges, and weights. It is not provided with the actual graph that is to be considered but has only provided with the matrix that is to be determined.

Disadvantages of Existing System:

  • It can perform insertion and deletion only.
  • It cannot perform replacement of weights.
  • It doesn’t generate a graph by which the problem complicated to the user.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is being provided with insertion, deletion and also the replacement of weights compared to the existing system. This is provided with an option to solve using an actual graph that is either directed or undirected. Here it asks for nodes and corresponding weights to form a graph. This is used to calculate and gives the shortest path from one node to other.

Advantages of Existing System:

  • It can perform insertion, deletion, and replacement.
  • It generates a graph to explain the problem easily.
  • It is also used to find the shortest path.

System Design:

Class Diagram:

Collaboration Diagram:

Component Diagram:

Deployment Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

State Chart Diagram:

Usecase Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Modules included in this project:

Creation Module:

This module helps the user to create a number of vertices and edges.

Insertion Module:

This module helps us to insert a number of vertices and edges present in the algorithm.

Deletion Module:

This module helps us to delete specified vertices or edges in the current graph.

Floyd Module:

This module specifies the algorithm’s logic used in the program to find the shortest root in the network.

Replace Module:

This module is used to replace the weights with the existing weights and also used to exchange the positions of the nodes.

Software Requirements:

Language: Java

Operating System: Windows

extract and run index.html on chrome.

Download Implementation of Floyd’s Algorithm Java Project

Chores Made Easy Home Repairs Java Project


We have management systems for different applications such as schools, library, hospital etc. but our main objective is to develop a web-based application for homeowners with critical home repairs, accessibility modifications, and energy-efficient upgrades. This project helps to bring the communities together in efforts to assist those in need of general home repair and improvements. In this project, the Homeowners must submit an application form with a request. Then the admin review the received application and assign work to the respective employee based on skills and availability

Proposed Web Application Portal

  • Application portal being designed will help to integrate different functionalities of the organization by coordinating different users of the application through the single portal.

Modules of the System:

  • Applicant (Home Owner)
  • Admin
  • Employee (persons skilled at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home)

Current Work Flow:

  • Homeowners must submit an application form with a request.
  • The admin reviews the received application and match the information to the eligibility criteria and accept/decline applications accordingly.
  • The admin later makes a list of all the home repairs that need to be scheduled.
  • The scheduled work orders are then allocated to respective Employee based on skill set, availability etc.,
  • Admin also maintains employee information in their database.
  • An employee can register online and view projects assigned to them through the portal.

 Applications Module:

  • New Application: All applications sent through the mail are keyed into the system through this page. This is same as the online application form.
  • If there are any type of repairs related to home, then homeowners can simply visit our website and can send a request for serving all those home related repairs through this application module

Admin module:

  • Review/Modify Applications: Applications are modified and are approved or rejected by the admin through this page. Applications to be modified can be searched by three options. From date to date, by the last name and by status which can be pending, approved or rejected.

System Design:

Data Flow Diagrams:

UML Diagrams:

Employee Use Case Diagram:

Volunteer Use Case Diagram:

Applicant (Home Owner) Use case Diagram:

Employee Sequence Diagram:

Volunteer Sequence Diagram:

Employee Collaboration Diagram:

Volunteers Collaboration Diagram:

Employee State chart Diagram:

Volunteer Sate Chart Diagram:

Employee Activity Diagram:

Volunteer Activity Diagram:


Class Diagram:

Projects Tab

  • New project: Projects are created for all approved applications. Application for which project is to be created is selected using the search button. Pop up should open on clicking search and should display all approved applications with no projects created on the dashboard by default.
  • View/Modify Project Details: Project is selected from dashboard which is displayed when searched with the last name. Click on Project ID should redirect to View/Modify Project page. This is same as new Project page but with all editable fields except Project ID.
  • View/Modify Employee Details: Project search page is same as view/modify project details. Click on Project ID should redirect to View/Modify Employee page. “NO Employees Assigned” message should be displayed if no employees are assigned. Employees assigned are displayed in a table. Task and House captain fields should be editable.
  • Assign Employee: Click on Search button for Project ID should open a pop-up. It should display project ids with no employee assigned. On selecting a project all details related to that project should be displayed on assign employees page.

Handyman Module:

Handyman Sign-in

  • A new user should register by providing all details given in Personal details page.

Handyman Home

  • First time sign into the portal for the current year (May 2108 – April 2018) should display a message
  • “Do you wish to be Handyman for the XXXX year (current 2018)”.

Project Table Structure:

1. Add project table:

2. Online application table

3. Project materials table

4. sponsors table

5. volunteer table

Download Chores Made Easy Home Repairs Java Project.

Online Pharmacy Management System Java Project


The main aim of developing this application is to supply the medicines all over the country by just a single click and to reduce the time consumption. Online pharmacy is a web-based application. The user can post requirement for medicine. TUser can purchase medicine online. Medicine is provided at your doorstep by the nearest associate store. The prescription is mandatory for ordering medicine. As per the prescription, the user can search medicine and useful information. This application provides information for daily consumption of medicine. This application provides user login to the customer. And admin can get the all expired medicines information and he can able to see all orders information of clients.

Existing System

The customer goes to the shop and purchases the medicine required. So a lot of time is wasted and the person gets tired. If he wants to exchange the product, once again he goes to the shop and replaces them. The complete process depends on the physical interactions.

Proposed System

The Online Pharmacy is easy to use and order. The customer selects the required medicines and orders them by a single click. Before it, the customer needs to create a login account and fill all the details like name, address, any id no…Etc.  The client can able to view the status of the medicines. The business goal for the application is to provide the medicines to all the people & admin will provide the supplier details.

System Design:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

 Our Application provides the following things:

  • To provide login facility to the customers.
  • To provide a list of all available medicines to the customers.
  • To update all the list of expired medicines.
  • Medicines are delivered at your door-step. 



He can able to add the new medicines information which are visible to the clients. And he can view the expired medicines information .and he can able to update the medicines status .he is behaves like the manufacturer of medicines and he will add the supplier details to the client. 


User should follow the some authentication process. He can able to logging into our application by providing valid user name and password .after that user can able to search the medicines and he will order the required medicines information through online.

Online Pharmacy Output Screens Below:


User Home:

User Main Page:

Enter Details Page:

Admin Home:
Admin Main Page:

Users Details Page:

View Orders Page:

Image Encryption and Decryption using Blow Fish Algorithm


Generally, we send many pictures to our friend’s relatives and others. The photos that may contain personal information so keeping them to at most secure is the important thing. So in this project, we implement the idea of encrypting and decrypting the image using BLOWFISH algorithm.

Encryption Process:

Data image as a plaintext and the encryption key are two inputs of the encryption process. In this case, original image data bit stream is divided into the length of the block of Blowfish algorithm.

Decryption Process:

The encrypted image is divided into the same block length of Blowfish algorithm from top to bottom. The first block is entered to the decryption function and the same encryption key is used to decrypt the image but the application of subkeys is reversed. The process of decryption is continued with other blocks of the image from top to bottom

The Single Module Present in the application is


In this application user will register and log in with the username and password, after logging in the user will upload the image which is to be encrypted and then after encrypting the user will get a secret key to the user registered email id using the key and encrypted image

Existing System:

The existing system for this project the text information is encrypted by ASCII values or any special characters. In the existing system, didn’t use the safely sent the encrypted information into the mail. The hackers easily access that information. The encrypted text is didn’t restrict any secret key. So that information easily decrypted. Two common drawbacks of the visual cryptography scheme (VCS) are the large pixel expansion of each shared image and the small contrast of the recovered secret image

Proposed System:

Blowfish to be a publicly available cryptographic algorithm with the potential to replace DES. Blowfish is a 64-bit symmetric block cipher that uses a variable-length key from 32 to 448-bits (14 bytes). The algorithm was developed to encrypt 64-bits of plaintext into 64-bits of ciphertext efficiently and securely. The operations selected for the algorithm were table lookup, modulus, addition and bitwise exclusive-or to minimize the time required to encrypt and decrypt data on 32-bit processors



Fig: Home Page

This page shows the default view of the Image Encryption and Decryption application and showing the number of modules present in it.

Fig: User Registration

In this page, new users will register the Image Encryption and Decryption application by entering all necessary details.

Fig: User Login

In this page, the user will log in by giving username and password.

Fig: User Home

This page shows after the successful login and showing the basic functionalities that user can perform in this Image Encryption and Decryption application.

Fig: Encrypt Image

In this page, the user will upload the normal image to encrypt the image.

Fig: decrypt Image

In this page, the user needs to upload the encrypted image and secret key which is sent to user mail id.

Software Requirements:

 JDK 1.8, NetBeans 8.0.2, MySQL5.5, SQLYog