Employee Management System Project Synopsis

Project Description: Employee Management System is a program to automate or computerize all employee management operations.

Generally, every company has different departments (for example, Accounts/Admin/Human Resource/Technical/Vendors etc). For our project, consider the following departments. Due to the limited time, for our project, we will not be implementing the features of Vendors department.

Employee Management System is open to admins, HRs, Managers, and regular employees. Among all users, only the admins have all privileges to access all the information of EMS. So the admins will insert, update, remove the employees, departments, generate reports and whereas other users will have limited roles. Once the user’s login they can perform few tasks specific to their role.

Employee information can be modified by either Admin, Managers or by the employee himself/herself. Suppose if we want to keep track of a list of all changes made to an employee profile, we need to maintain logs.

Reports for employee management system are categorized into different types based on roles.

Note: To make concepts simple, assume that we are storing all the information in binary files.

Project’s Detailed Description:

1) Objective/ Vision:

This project is aimed at developing Employee Management System that allows to automate or computerize all employee management operations

2) Users of the System:

  • Admins
  • Regular Employees
  • HRs
  • Accountants
  • Managers

3) Functional requirements

  • Create initial setup which includes: Generating company information (includes creating departments, company history, CEOs information etc..) Generating employee information (adding/deleting/updating employee information, feedback’s, salaries) Generating unique employee ID for each employee
  • User management
  • Role-based user menus
  • Generating Reports

4) Non-functional requirements

  • Simple UI
  • Generic Coding

5) User interface priorities: console
6) Reports to be generated:

  • Reports for Admins
  • Reports for Regular Employees
  • Reports for HRs
  • Reports for Accountants
  • Reports for Managers

7) Technologies to be used:

C, and binary Files for storing data

8) Tools to be Used:

Dev C++

9) Final Deliverable must include:

  • Create initial setup mentioned as above
  • User management
  • Role-based user menus
  • Reports

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