Online Voting System with Aadhaar ID and Thumb of a Voter

The main aim of developing this Online Voting System project is to provide the best way of conducting the election voting process. With the help of this, we can control revoting, rigging process and save money.

The online voting system is a revolutionary concept of casting votes with a unique id viz Aadhaar ID and Thumb of a Voter. The election Commission will collect the alive voter data before specific period before elections, the data like voters UAID number and their Thumb impression are collected and uploaded into a secure Database, then at the time of polling day the voter is able to cast his/her vote by their UAID and Thumb.

Then he will get his details to cast his vote. Once the vote is casted the voter data will be moved to the Database 2. Then there is no possibility of casting multiple votes. This will control the Rigging and fake votes.

This system of Voting will give a big analytical data like casting percentage and the election result immediately after the completion of polling. The result of polled votes will be stored securely in Database 2 and is locked until the day of results.

The algorithm applied to Database 2 will hold the voting result until the date. The result can be seen only on the specific counting day by using a (Private Key) password by the Election department authorities.

This is the best way to control the fake voting and rigging during the elections. This project can be developed.

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  1. How secure is your database? Hackers can easily hack into your app using some advanced tricks. Though it’s good
    that you made this. great work.. keep it up.

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