Insurance Company Management System


The objective of the Insurance Company project is to automate the management of insurance activities of an insurance company. The purpose is to design a system using which users can perform all activities related to insurance company.

Proposed System:

This makes it convenient to access required data easily. Various reports can be generated by the managers. The system integrated all information related to various branches. Using the Insurance Company Management System customers can make online payments.


The Insurance Management System is proposed to have the following modules.

CEO, Manager, Agent and Customer

CEO Module:

The CEO is the Super user of the System. The CEO is responsible for defining the policies, policy terms and conditions, policy amounts, establishing the different branches, registration of the branch managers. CEO will also get information about policy details, branch details, manager details, agents details, customers details, customers policy details

Manager Module:

Manager is responsible for all activities at a specific branch. A manager appoints agents and interacts with customers. A manager can get data about customer policies, dues and payment details. A manager can also get agent details and commission information. A manager can generate various reports.

Agent Module:

Agents are employees of the insurance company who interact with potential customers and offer the necessary details, agents typically act as a liaison between customers and company. Agents are entitled for commission for each policy they sell. Using the system an agent can find customers policy details, customer’s personal details, commission collected, reports, available policy details, concerned manager details and agent personal details.

Customer Module:

Each customer must register with the system before one can avail the services. Customers can seek information regarding policies, register new policies, make online payments, view their current policy details etc.

Software Requirements:-

  • Web Presentation : HTML, CSS
  • Client – side Scripting : JavaScript
  • Programming Language : Java
  • Web based Technologies : Servlets, JSP
  • Database Connectivity : JDBC
  • Java Version : JDK
  • Backend Database : Oracle
  • Operating System : Windows, LINUX
  • Web Server : Tomcat

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