Simple Magnetic Levitation Train Btech Mech Project

The world continues to expand with the increase in population. This is leading to the growth of cities and causing congestion in the present cities. If this trend continues, then the normal modes of transportation won’t be sufficient. This problem can be solved by making use of electromagnets and superconductors. These concepts can be made to design a train that floats on the track rather than on it.

This project “Simple Magnetic Levitation Train Btech Mech Project” aims to determine the effect of load on the friction force in the levitation train. In this project the principles of magnetism are applied. This project can be applied practically in today’s world as these levitation trains are low on maintenance and devoid of tracks that cause friction.


In this project Simple Magnetic Levitation Train Btech Mechanical Project Report two magnetic strips are used as rails and are glued to a long piece of wood in a manner that the north side of the strip is up. In the same manner two magnetic strips are placed at the bottom of the train. This should cause the train to levitate as the North Pole and train magnets face each other. The train also might slide to left or right but can be controlled by side rails.

In the setup of the project, the foundation of the wood track foundation is used. The plastic angles are mounted in the next step. Now comes the important part i.e. high force magnetic strips are mounted. These are mounted on the train block. This train is then set on the track.


This experiment establishes the levitation project by making use of the principles of magnetism. If the magnetic strip is doubled then the magnetic levitation of the train goes faster. As distance reduces, the repelling force multiplies. The most important application of this project is Trans rapid magnetic lift trains.

Download Simple Magnetic Levitation Train Btech/ BE/ Mtech Mech Project Documentation.

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    where do I get these magnetic strips and other spares for making this project . I need them badly for my project , deadline is very nearby can they be shipped from any store in India . Pls. reply ASAP

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