Sheet Metal Design Mechanical Project Report

Sheet metal is basically a metal which is formed into thin, flat pieces. This is one of the most fundamental forms which are employed in metalworking. It can be cut and bent into a host of different shapes. This paper on “Sheet Metal Design Mechanical Project Report” explains this precise process. The thickness of this sheet metal is called as gauge and lies in the range of about 8 to 30 gauge.

The metals which are employed in this process are many and are in the form of sheets and plates. The thickness of the sheets which are manufactured in inverse proportion with the gauge number. Thus higher the gauge number, smaller is the thickness. This process involves the manufacture of articles from sheet metal or thin sheets.


The project Sheet Metal Design Mechanical Engineering Project Report describes the various sheet metal forming processes. They are piercing, blanking, fine blanking, punching, trimming, nibbling, notching, drawing, spinning, bending, embossing and coining. Of all these methods, the bending process has been given a detailed description.

Black iron sheet is mainly used in the sheet metal designing as it is the cheapest material. However these sheets do not have a protective coating on their surface and might corrode soon. They are therefore employed for articles which undergo enameling or painting. There are methods of sheet metal design and they are hydro forming and stamping.

Sheet Metal Design Mechanical Project Report Conclusion:

In the undertaking of this project, there are certain things that might lead to fatigue or discomfort if the proper steps are not undertaken. Too much force shouldn’t be exerted while performing a task. Positions such as kneeling, stooping etc should be avoided. If proper work techniques are not adopted and if stressful conditions persist, then it will result in injuries.

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