Safety Airbags in Cars Mech Project Report

There is an increased awareness among people to increase their safety in cars. Until a few months back, only seat belts were used to provide the only form of passive restraint in cars. This has lead to the development of airbags in the cars. These have been under research since many years. This project “Safety airbags in cars” studies this mechanism.

Statistical studies have shown that airbags reduce the risk of casualty in a DFC by approximately 30%. They are also the subject of governments and industry research and tests. They are based on the principle of Newton’s second law of motion. If the objects are not controlled then will continue at the speed of the moving car thereby causing a collision. Airbags slow down passenger’s speed.


The main parts of an Safety Airbags in Cars Mech Project Report, sensor and an inflation system. The bag is made of a thin nylon material that is folded and fastened to the door or steering wheel. The sensor is used to make the bag to inflate. The inflation system consists of a chemical mixture. The airbag is designed to inflate in conditions of frontal impacts i.e. when the car strikes at a speed of 16 km/hr.

Once the collision takes place, the sensor sends an electric current to the igniter system. This current heats up the filament which ignites the capsule. This in turn ignites the gas generating pellets. The gas tends to expand quickly and airbags start to inflate which break free from a plastic cover in the steering wheel. The total time taken for this process is around 1 second.

Safety Airbags in Cars Mech Project Report Conclusion:

     Air bags are very important as it is absolutely crucial to ensure protection of human life. Thus they must be implemented for saving precious lives and it should be made necessary for automobile manufacturer to implement this mechanism.

Download Safety Airbags in Cars Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project Report.

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