Intelligent Train ECE Project Report

Introduction to Intelligent Train ECE Project:

In India largest means of transportation is through railways. We have a very sophisticated and well established railway system. India’s railway network is the biggest railway network in the south Asia. There are different types of trains according to the speed and stops of the trains.

A single train can transport much number of people and goods. Even though our railway system is well defined and designed the train accidents are more frequently happening. In these train accidents we are loosing many lifes. If we can add intelligence for the trains then we may avoid most of the train accidents.

We can develop efficient methods like train signal control system using micro controller which works on signals.

In this project we can add intelligence to the train with the help of microcontroller, coordinating it with the DC motor of the train which controls the speed of the train. In this project we use GPS module to locate the train which is given as input to the PIC.

Microcontroller forms the heart of this project as it only controls all the functions. Latitude and longitude of the location given by the GPS module is  compared with data already present in the microcontroller, this helps LCD to display and announce the station names.

The main device in this project is track break detector which detects whether the track is broken or not. If the track break detector found any breaks on the track then train will stop immediately at any point and the door will be opened.

By this way using automated intelligent train we can avoid maximum number of train accidents occurring due to track breaks and can save many life’s. 

This application is a fully automated and robust system which has the advantages of less time delay, quick response and low power requirements gives a safe journey to you all.

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  1. Hi, this is Harshitha. My idea is, these days many people are not buying the tickets in their railway journey. So can we program a project that finds out this type of problems.

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