Air Defense Gun Mech Project

The scope of this AIR DEFENSE GUN Mech Project is to progress a system to manage the motion of air defense gun climbed on the tank. On considering an indigenous tank helps to understand this project better which is designed by CVRDE and DRDO. It is composed of turret and hull with three hatches. The four crew members present are loader, driver, gunner, and commander.

 The equipments of tank are three guns which are machine gun, main gun, and air defense gun. The main gun makes use of HESH and FSAPDS like the coaxial machine gun, ammunition, and air defense machine gun. The defense gun is present on the hatch of the loader of the tank which is maintained by the loader. It can target the flying armored vehicles.

 This project focuses on gunner’s safety with the embedded systems to locate the air defense gun without exposing gunner. The project’s scope makes a conceptual model allowing the power with the motion of air defense gun replacing of the manual operation.

 The air defense gun is maneuvered in planes of vertical and azimuth. The loader requires defense gun in the hatch situation and attack the enemy and the manual operation is a tiring action. The system must attack target by a sight with the goal of attacking in hatch condition by elevating and depressing gun.


 The Air Defense Gun project concludes on a system that can rotate the hatch of the loader in clockwise and anticlockwise direction by 360 degree. The movement of gun is from -10 degree to +70 degree. The system needs automatic stopping of gun motion when it performs the extreme condition in the vertical position.

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