Home Security System Btech ECE Project

Home Security System Btech ECE Project: The digital home security system monitors room temperature, smoke, motion, and windows and doors. The aim of this project is to build an integrated home security system. There is also an incorporated temperature sensor, smoke detectors, and motion sensor besides magnetic switch equipped on doors and windows. Therefore the security system sounds an alert if break-in attempt or possible smoke or fire occurs.

This security system is fully digital and fully customized and incorporated a 16×2 LCD display with a 4×4 keypad. The sensor is enabled or disabled and alarm frequency and skim can be chosen by users. A voice playback chip is also equipped which speaks if sensor goes wrong.

The security system is basic and offers simple password lock to enhance our security system with different types of sensors. There is also a chip Zarlink MT8880C DTMF transceiver chip which will dial a desire number which user specify. Winbond ISD1420 is used to record the voice and playback chip to play pre-recorded voice signal.

The IR motion sensor is quite inexpensive and there is also a smoke detector from home that sounds the alarm if the smoke is detected. The 16×2 LCD has standard 16 pin connection and the keypad is standard 4×4 that has 8-pin connector. The smoke detector is powered by standard E-block 9V battery. The motion sensor is powered by 2 AAA 1.5V battery in serial.

 Home Security System Btech ECE Project Conclusion:

The project focuses on the home security system that has a sensor which works and sounds alarm if the system shows alert status. There is a keypad and LCD and there is also a phone dialer chip like the Zarlink MT8880C which is mentioned above. When no one is at home or no one around the area then someone else is notified to do an immediate action. There is a small microcontroller at a higher frequency to have output of buzz alarm at a higher frequency tone.

Download Home Security System Btech ECE Project report for Engineering Students.

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