Btech Project Report On Bioinformatics

This Btech Project Report On Bioinformatics provides an outline of the interesting area bioinformatics that plays a key role in the major research efforts in the field include sequence alignment, gene finding, genome assembly, protein structure alignment, protein structure prediction, prediction of gene expression and protein-protein interactions, and the modeling of evolution. The contents of the report include an introduction, definitions, history, software, tools, program applications, projects, applications in various areas and case studies.

Bioinformatics is the use of mathematical, statistical and computational methods to analyze biological, biochemical, and biophysical data. Because bioinformatics is a young, rapidly evolving field, however, it also has a number of other credible definitions.

It can also be defined as the science and technology of learning, managing, and processing biological information. Bioinformatics is often focused on obtaining biologically oriented data, organizing this information into databases, developing methods to get useful information from such databases, and devising methods to integrate related data from disparate sources.

The computer databases and algorithms are developed to speed up and enhance biological research. Bioinformatics can help answer such questions as for whether a newly analyzed gene is similar to any previously known gene, whether a protein’s sequence can suggest how the protein functions, and whether the genes turned on in a cancer cell are different from those turned on in a healthy cell.


The goal of this project is a determination of the sequence of the entire human genome. The project provides an outline to the interesting area bioinformatics in a very simple manner. Some basics of the topic are mentioned in an orderly way.

Organisms that are suitable for use in experimental research are termed model organisms. They have a number of properties that make them ideal for research purposes including short life spans, rapid reproduction, being easy to handle, inexpensive and they can be manipulated at the genetic level.

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  1. Hello I am studying in s. Y. Bioinformatics I have to make a project in third year I want to do something different please help me

  2. Hello.Am pursuing my master degree in Biotechnology can anyone sugessted me a topics related to programming in Biology for my minor project

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