Intelligent Metro Train Electronics Project Abstract

Introduction to Intelligent Metro Train Electronics Project:

In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc., no of vehicles are increasing day by day as the population increasing. One of the major city like Delhi has been experiencing a rapid growth in population from the last few decades. So, the number of vehicles has been increased to 40 lakhs. Today traffic on the roads of Delhi, not only in Delhi in all the cities is a mix-up of various kind of vehicles like scooters, buses, cars and auto rickshaws, resulting wastage of fuel and giving environmental pollution.

To rectify the situation the government of India proposed Mass Rapid Transport System (MRTS) is going to be one of the most eco friendly projects, metro rail concept came into the picture. Main problem associating with the trains is that it is having fixed stops in particular stations only. Some kind of trains like super fast and express trains may not halt in every small station.

For any emergency cases trains having chains so that we can pull the chain and stop the train but in some cases like we missed the required train and caught into super fast train and our destination is reach is a small station, the super fast train wont halt there and if we want to drop into the station we cannot pull the chain provided for emergency cases in all situations except in a worst cases.

This project gives a solution for the above mentioned problem with intelligent metro train. Our main aim through this application is to stop the train for a few minutes at our desired defined destination.  By using a micro controller, DC motor and RF transmitter and receiver we can design this project.

The heart of this project, Micro controller is used to control the movement of DC motor. On announcing the place or station name in the LCD, micro controller will control moment of the train and stop the train at intimated destination for at-least 2 min. This facility makes a added advantage for metro rails for people.

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