Electro Magnetic Crane Mechanical Project Report

This is a tough Electro Magnetic Crane project and is suitable at 11 or 12 grade level. The students need to interact with DC motor, stepping motor, H-Bridge, an LED, and an electromagnet. The aim is to transfer paperclips from one to another bowl with rotation of 90°.

 The crane begins by moving the up and above the bowls. When the program begins then LED begins to flash. The crane leaves the magnet within the bowl. The magnet gathers the paperclips. The crane transports the paperclips and magnet. It makes 90° rotation.

 It brings the magnet to low position and brings clips within the second bowl. The magnet turns off and generates the paperclips. It transports the magnet back to its position. It moves back in the position of first bowl. The LED switches off if the crane starts moving.

 H-Bridge switches the DC motor in one way and makes the D2 high and D3 low. It switches the DC motor in opposite way and makes D2 low and D3 high. It prevents the motor and makes D2 and D3 low.

 The stepper motors function with transporting the repeating methods of bits to various coils. The Popsicle stick is tapped at the stepper motor with the help of protractor and it is the best method to calculate angle per step.

To create as many coils would result the magnet stronger. Magnet wire performs better since it is light and many coils are present. The soft iron creates the magnet function good.


Electromagnetic crane is utilized to make eye-pleasing structure. It confirms the LED functions. It confirms the magnet switches to be on and off. It confirms final procedure accurately to manage the crane.

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