ECE Minor Project Report On Metro Train Prototype with Project Report

Introduction to Minor Project Report On Metro Train Prototype with Project:

This paper reveals a new technology implementing driver less metro train which gained an enormous reputation in abroad countries, the train was provided with a CPU here in our project we use 8051 micro controller as CPU which controls the operation of the train, we providing the proto type of a metro train prototype using 8051 micro controller the path which the train has to travel is programmed initially defining specific locations for stations to stop.

The arrival time and departure time including maximum waiting time are to be initialized,  the trains movements are controlled by the stepper motor i.e. an electromagnetic motor that converts pulses into angular movements ,we used LED’s as the tracking system in order specify the path for the train,  we included the buzzer to inform stoppage time to train and emergency breaking system, the basic four parts that included in our project are power supply, 8051 micro controller, Intelligent LCD’s used for displaying  information , stepper motor with  breaking  system.  We use ULN 2003 driver which prohibits the slow downing of stepper motor due lack of sufficient current.

 The micro controller used in our project is an low power, high performance CMOS 8-bit microcomputer, produced using Atmel’s high-density nonvolatile memory technology, the Atmel IC 8051 is the powerful device  which is     highly flexible  and  low cost, it had several applications in embedded systems, the ULN2003 is an high voltage, high current device used  for driving inductive load.

The LCD interfacing and DC motor interfacing with the micro controller are elaborated along with the circuit operation in the upcoming sections. Voltage regulator IC (7805) is used in order to provide the constant voltage for the continuous operation.

This project had proven to be very useful in developed countries without involvement driver we can run the train without any difficulty.

Download  ECE Minor Project Report On Metro Train Prototype with Project Report.

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