Cab Management System .Net Project

Project Title   :      Cab Management System .Net Project

    Project Description: Cab Management System is a Web application project was developed with ASP.Net can be useful for common people to use can facility and can useful for corporate company to take care of employees traveling for safe travel. The Cab provider Company Provides Cabs to the small scale industry based on Trips and KMs and it hires vehicle from vehicle owners and pay them weekly, monthly depending on the Plan they belongs. The employees of this company were the data entry operators have unique user ids to log in to the application. They enter the logsheets(roasters) and generate bills for vehicle from this application. They use the application to reduce the dummy(duplicate) logsheets and Back to Back sheets, reports  and repeated work for client and vehicle owner. SQL server 2005 is used for creating database to store all cabs details and employee information who is applying for cab.

  • Entering Logsheets And Fueldetails.
  • Generating Bills on Plantype.
  • Issue Finance For Vehicles.
  • Generating Reports.

   Developer Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Involved in frontend Design and coding of all modules.
  • Database design and writing SP’s.                                                        

   Software environment: ASP. Net(3.5),, Windows XP pro, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, VSS, ADO.Net, MS Visual Studio 2008,Ajax.

Contract Management Software Tool Project Free Download

Contract management software tool is a web application which is implemented in java platform.

This application is useful in every organization where there is need to maintain information about clients and their requirements and man power required for clients and details about the project implementation and bond details.

Using this application it will be easy for human resource management system to allocate work for employees more efficiently and plan work between employees more efficiently.

In existing system handling employees and fulfilling clients requirements is always a challanging task. This project will provide solution.

Here you can download entire project report and project source code with executing procedure. 

APTDC Accommodation Maintenance Web Portal Java Project

APTDC accommodation maintenance web portal project is implemented in java platform. 

The main idea for implementing this project is to manage tourism information of users and their hotel booking information with bus trip status.

In present scenario tourism department maintains tourists information using a manual method which is a time taking and not an accurate method to provide service and maintain data.

As usage of software applications is increasing in every field developing software application for accommodation maintenance system is easy.

This application provides user-friendly GUI through which users can easily update data into the database. Oracle database is used as the backend for storing data and Tomcat is used for the server.

APTDC accommodation maintenance web portal project documentation and source code.

Bank Store Informatica Project

  • Project Title                          : Bank Store Informatica Project
  • Tools              : Informatica
  • Back End Server              : Oracle10G.

Project Description:

The main objective of this Bank Store Informatica Project is all about a customer information store. Solution is required to provide a suitable enterprise-wide information environment capable of meeting our future platform for information collation from various source systems, performing complex calculations. This Final year engineering project provides different reports and support & adhoc queries for making intelligent banking decision based on data available in various branches across the location connected over a period.

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Involved in Database Programming
  • Analyzed, designed and developed packages, procedures and functions using PL/SQL.
  • Optimization of the different SQL queries to ensure faster response time.
  • Create Tables, Indexes, and Views etc.
  • Modifying & Creating PL/SQL Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers,  And SQL Queries for Reports.

Project Environment:      

         PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Unix, Informatica

A Concurrency Control Protocol for Clipping Indexing Project

A Concurrency Control Protocol for Clipping Indexing project is a cse project which is implemented using java and Mysql. 

This project explains about analyzing the situation in multidimensional databases and its growth in various applications and improvements need to be done to satisfy present growth.

In this paper we propose a effective concurrency control protocol which is integrated to R+ tree for supporting fast access to multidimensional data. 

But this new mechanism is not possible to directly apply to R+tree because object in R+tree may be indexed in multiple levels.

In order to solve this problem, we use granular locking for clipping indexing. This is the first method which is specially designed for R+ trees. 

A Concurrency Control Protocol for Clipping Indexing project base paper, pdf, ppt.