Bug Tracking System Project

Project Title: Bug Tracking System Project

Project Description: The purpose of this Bug Tracking System project is to deal with providing online support to the software engineers who are facing the bugs or errors with various software technologies.

The software developers and testers can post their bugs related to software projects on the website and can view the suitable solution to the problem on the website posted by experts.

Bug Tracking System Project

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Smart Library Management System

Project Title: Smart Library Management System

Project Description:  The main purpose of this Smart Library Management System project is to maintain the information of all the books in the college library and to provide safe protection from stealing of books and mismatch of book details by using auto-identification readers system and tags identification system. If any book in the library rack is misplaced, the misplaced book is identified by auto-identification reader and alert signals are raised which suggest that book is misplaced. This project can be useful for computer science students and electronics students for their final year project submission.

Virtual Class Room Information System .Net Project

Developing a Virtual Class Room Information System .Net Project to promote a greater count of students into the field of education department. The main aim of this virtual classroom web application is to improve access to advanced educational experiences by allowing students and instructors to participate in remote login computers using pc at home or work stations and to support a collaborative learning process. All Students details will be stored at SQL database.

Financial Suit Axis .Net Project

  • Project Title           : Financial Suit Axis .Net Project
  • Front-End Software Technologies:   MicroSoft.Net, C#.Net, ASP.Net, HTML      
  • Back-End Server   :   SQL Server 2005

Project Description: The Financial Suit Axis Project has developed with Microsoft .Net & SQL Server; it is an automated insurance facility for all occupations. The application starts from registration of the customer. This follows with a series of procedures like inspection and other verifications, which ultimately end up with either registration or rejection. This system is enhancing the facilities provided to the customers by converting it into an automated and online system, C#.Net & ASP.Net used to develop this final year web application.

Process Oriented Work Scheduler and Achieve Planning Software

Project Name         :    Process Oriented Work Scheduler and Achieve Planning Software

Project Description           :    The main objective of this Process Oriented Work Scheduler & Achieve Planning Software project is to maintain the employee and their works through the online application. In this final year engineering project entire data is monitoring by the administrator only. This web application is designed for small scale as well as big scale companies. The system will maintain the check-in time and checkout time daily and will allow the users to enter their work log daily and has a provision to enter the yesterday’s work log details also. It works with the swipe in and swipe out details, Process Oriented Work Scheduler & Achieve Planning Software is a powerful modular Internet/Intranet application framework. It features a scheduler, Meetings, Messaging, address book, file upload and download and feedback. Everything is designed to collaborate online. This entire project was developed with Microsoft web technologies.