COMM4 Efficient Packet Filtering in Wireless Ad Hoc Network a VB Project.

COMM4 Efficient Packet Filtering in Wireless Ad Hoc Network a VB Project is related to Wireless networking and packet information. Wireless Mesh Network(WMNs) have developed as one of the important technology to provide best network access and best mobile applications in different scenarios, such as relief operation in disaster, ad hoc network help in convention centers, tough places like terrains with their fast development in architecture.

MNS use Internet access facility by extending established network areas, and lessen the cost of back haul connections to distant B.S.Top companies are calling for specifications for mesh networking .

One of the most important issues in WMNs is security which will ensure the trusted communication. Away from flexible protocol design and features track back mechanism are necessary. 

Ad Hoc Network a VB Project is developing under windows operating system with visual basic as front end and wireless technology RS 232 as back end. This project uses serial programming and micro controller. This project is divided into four modules you can download documents and application from below link.

Recruitment Agencies CSE Project

Recruitment Agencies CSE Project  is an alternate for manual existing manual process. As every sector is moving towards computerizing there services in order to achieve global goals. Human resource management system is one among them which is playing main role in maintaining database for employees. Recruitment-Agencies-CSE-Project

As major companies organizing hosting services of HRMS. This project explains about computerization of It Recruit system. Using this system manual work will be reduced to a large extent. This project increases flexibility, quick response, less processing time, non-diligence, fast recovery, robustness, reliability, scalability. 

As organizations are dependent on HRMS for maintaining database of their employees and recruiting information. This It Recruit project will provide services for fast and easy access which will satisfy all the requirements for client. 

Recruitment Agencies application is developed with a user-friendly interface using HTML language which is used for fast loading of the page. Design is implemented in the way that user can easy access the features of the webpage. Hyperlinks are provided for the user on every web page through which user can easy navigate from one page to other page with less risk. Each page is designed with new look so that user can easily understand the content of the page which will provide security. 

This application is developed in five modules where each module has its own features. Candidate module helps user to update there resumes details in to the site with few other features which are explained in project document in detail. 

Employee module is used to know details about their job availability and status of their job. 

Recruiter module main fucnationality is to update job details based on the job category which will be available for candidates and employee to submit their resumes. 

Admin module will have access to all modules to maintain entire website and remove unwanted information which is not related to website. 

Recruitment Agencies CSE Project System Specifications.

  • Hardware platform
  • Pentium III processor or higher
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Software specifications
  • Jboss 3.3, J2SDK 1.4
  • Oracle 8i
  • Internet Explorer5.0 or Mozilla.

Download CSE Recruitment Agencies CSE Project.

Data Compression and Encoding Using Color

Data Compression and Encoding Using Color project is about developing coding for bar codes using color sensor technology. As security for products like books, dresses…Etc are increasing, Enhancements in development of coding system for bar codes are also increasing. Color sensor technology is a new technology which will increase bar codes compactness, security, and efficiency. This technology is based on color combinations of RGB which is explained in this document. Data-Compression-and-Encoding-Using-Color-project


Color is formed when there is collision between light, object and observer. And the other form of light source is reflection, when light falls on the reflected object based on observing density of object color will form. For example consider a Red paper has the capacity to observe green and blue part of light this will reflect red part making it appear red to the observer. Colors are the mixer of three basic colors like Red, Green and Blue in fixed ratio. These colors are stored in the form of three numbers which are called digital color format. In Short these colors are called as RGB, there are different types of color formats like JPEG, BMP,BITMAP..ETC. 

Data Compression and Encoding Using Color document explains about

  1. Color sensor circuit and operation.
  2. Color sensing.
  3. Compactness, security, and efficiency.
  4. Color fading.
  5. Bar code Reader.
  6. Color code versus Bar code.
Download CSE Data Compression and Encoding Using Color project.

Design of Intranet Mail System Project

Final year students who are interested in knowing about mailing system and understand the procedure involved in developing a mailing system then Design of Intranet mail system project can help you to gain some knowledge. The main aim for developing this project is to understand steps involved in developing a mail application by updating few new innovative features in to this application and upgrade it to new version will be better choice for computer science students. Design-of-Intranet-Mail-System-Project

Intranet mail application is a mail client application with features like login, sending mail, deleting mail and forwarding mail where admin can add and delete messages in the network. This type of mailing systems can be seen in organizations for sharing information between employees. 

This application is developed by connecting client system to a Linux mail server and Apache is used as web server. This application will provide basic mail facilities as mentioned above where mail transferring is done through IMAP. Admin can delete user messages using Cyrus server.

 As regular mail systems this application will provide welcome page through which user should log in. Unless user name and password is not provided user cannot access his account.     


     List of software’s required for developing this application is mentioned below. 

Linux Platform  

 The Debi an Linux is used for coding plat form.  

Apache Server                 

Apache server should be installed as web server. 

 MYSQL Server

For database storage MYSQL server should be installed. 

 Send mail Server 

                  Send mail server is a MTA agent. It should be installed for transferring the mails.

The protocol to be used is IMAP which serves as the Message Delivery Agent. 

For more information on this project you can download project report form this site for a free of cost.

Download CSE Analyzing of Design of Intranet Mail System Project. 

Analyzing of Network Stack Parallelism Project

Final year students who are interested in developed bandwidth efficiency related project using threading concept this application Analyzing of Network Stack Parallelism project can provide better option for developing a project. As the new application are coming in market which takes lot of bandwidth had increased scope for developing better performance in using network bandwidths. In order to increase performance micro-processors had brought lot of change for efficient use of bandwidth. There is need to develop new processors for replacing existing uni-processors to handle continued performance growth.

Developing parallel Core processor had helped in handling stacks in order to increase performance compare to individual core processors. But there is need to bring new processors for handling network servers, this project concentrates to develop better processors for handling network stacks.

In present available network stacks Message based parallelism is handled using multiple threads for processing multiple message at the same time from single or multiple connections, this type of threading can be seen in Linux and FreeBSD.

Where as in Connection based parallelism, Threading is done through groups. Threads which are divided in two groups will handle connections which are assigned to them. This type of threading mechanism can be seen in Dragonfly’s BSD and Solaris 10.

In both the situations handling network using thread mechanism is good but there are few problems like locking, and synchronization problems. This application Network stack parallelism project will explore new ideas for better performance.

For more information on Analyzing of Network Stack Parallelism project you can download project report from this site for a free of cost.

Download CSE Analyzing of Network Stack Parallelism Project.

Monitoring Project On DDOS attack for popular website project

Computer science students who are interested in developing website security related project,then Monitoring Project On DDOS attack for popular website project may provide some information for developing a project. The main idea for developing this project is to provide a solution for Distributed denial of service attacks on popular websites.MONITORING-PROJECT-ON-DDOS-ATTACK-FOR-POPULAR WEBSITE

DDOS attack is a commonly seen threat on web. By using new application layer based DDOS fetching information using HTTP requests to find out victim information are more undetectable.

In certain cases like using flash crowd event can cause serious damage for a popular website. 

Considering these DDOS attacks a new concept is developed which is based on document popularity. As we know access matrix is the used to find out the spatial -temporal patterns of a normal flash crowd. A new method in introduced in which multidimensional access matrix is used. A novel anomaly detector based on hidden semi-Markov model is proposed to describe the dynamics of Access Matrix and to detect the attacks. The entropy of document popularity fitting to the model is used to detect the potential application-layer

DDoS attacks. This project will provide numerical information based on website traffic data to show the accuracy of the present system. 

DDOS attack for popular website project is implemented in different modules.

Victim server & User Login

Training phase




Data Preparation


Download CSE Online Monitoring Project On DDOS attack for popular website project .

Online E-Tender Management .Net Project

Online E-Tendering Management .net project is for final year Information technology students who are interested in developing web based application which is implemented in ASP.NET. The main idea for implementing this project is to replace existing manual tender system with computerized system. Online-E-TENDER-MANAGEMENT -Net-Project

In present situation tender system is performed manually which involves lot of manual work and which is a time involved process. Record maintenance is not accurate there are many chances of loss of data which will cause serious problems while preparing reports. In order to involve in tendering process people should travel a long way. As we know in long time manual process leads to lot of problems. 

As the information technology is growing widely there is lot of scope for finding solution for this problem by developing a web based project like Online e-Tender Management system which can resolve all these issues. 

This web application provides organizations to register with this system and upload tender details. Since this application is visible from all over the world clients can log into this site and apply for tenders and submit their quotations to the organizations on the project by filling a from through online.                  

Companies are informed as soon as clients apply for tender so organizations can contact clients for further information or they can communicate through this application.                 

For more information on this project you can download project report from this site for a free of cost. 

System specifications for developing Online e-tendering project. 

The system must have the following software requirements: 

Visual Basic .Net (version 2.0)

Visual Basic .Net Framework (version 2.0)

SQL Server 2000/2005

Download CSE Online E-Tendering Management .net project .

Java Project for Online University Admission

Information Technology final year students who are interested in implementing web application using java as programming language  Online University admission project can help you for gaining knowledge. The main idea for implementing this project is to replace existing admission procedure in educational institutions with a computerized admission system for improving services in universities. Java-Project-for-Online-University-Admission


Online University admission project covers entire admission functionality starting from notifications, exam dates, college fees, and announcements. This project will help colleges to prepare statistical reports on admission activates on daily basis. This procedure can reduce work load on employees and also save lot of time. 

Using this application admissions can be carried out from any were which will be very helpful for students who are far away from the institution this can save money and time for students.

This admission procedure will reduce paper work and admission organization will be easy and in scheduled manner. Using this application will reduce man power. Using this application students can verify there marks and details with other colleges. 


This application will provide different modules where each module has different role and permissions.

Admission notification will be uploaded to this site. Using these site students can apply through online or offline.

Certificate verification is done by interconnection with different education board’s agencies.

Online hall ticket issuing procedure.

Online admission system will save time for students.

Software Requirement Specification for developing Online University Admissions.

Software Requirements:

Operating System              :           Windows XP/2003 or Linux/Solaris

User Interface                :           HTML, CSS

Client-side Scripting         :           JavaScript

Programming Language          :           Java

Web Applications              :           JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP

IDE/Workbench                 :           Eclipse with MyEclipse Plug-in

Database                      :           Access

Server Deployment             :           RetHat JBoss AS

Hardware Requirements:

Processor                     :           Pentium IV

Hard Disk                     :           40GB

RAM                           :           256MB

For more information on this project you can download project report from this site for a free of cost.

Download CSE Online University Admission  Project report .

Civil Registry .Net Project

Civil Registry .Net project is for CSE and IT final year students who are interested in developing government related project using ASP.NET,C#,SOAP , HTTP protocol and SQL. The main idea for Implementing this project is to provide better services for citizens while applying for driving license, Voter’s ID card, PAN card, Passport  and provide online registration facilities like birth certificate, marriage certificate …Etc. Using this application can even reduce work load for government employees. Civil-Registry -Net-Project

Civil Registry .Net Project is a web based application which will work as government agency to provide better services to citizens. As mentioned above this application will help for citizens to applying and registering for various government certificates. 

             This project will a best option for replacing existing manual process which require lot of time and resources. Civil registry project can replace existing system to provide better customer care, takes less time, accuracy and even reduce corruption. This web based application will act as a government agency service through which public can know information about application process, application status which can save lot of time for public as well as government employees. 

      In present situation where Information technology field is growing fast, implementing and maintaining this project will not be big task. This project creates lot of space for adding more features in to this application. 

System specifications for developing Civil Registry project 


      The selection of hardware is very important in the existence and proper working of any software. When selecting hardware, the size and requirements are also important. 

Minimum Requirements:

      Processor         :     Pentium II class, 450MHz

      RAM               :     128MB

      Hard Disk Drive   :     3GB

      Video             :     800X600, 256 colors

      CD-ROM            :     Required 

The proposed System is developed on:

      Processor         :     INTEL Pentium 4

      RAM               :     512MB

      Hard Disk Drive   :     40GB

      Key Board         :     Standard 101/102 or Digi Sync Family

      Monitor           :     Display Panel (1024 X 764)

      Display Adapter   :     Trident Super VGA

      Network Adapter   :     SMC Ethernet Card Elite 16 Ultra

      Mouse             :     Logitech Serial Mouse 


      Operating System  :     Windows XP

      Front- End        :     C#. NET with ASP. NET

      Back- End         :     MS SQL SERVER 2005 EXPRESS 

For more information on this project you can download civil registry cse project from this site for a free of cost.

Download CSE Civil Registry .Net  Project report .

Online Tendering CSE Project

Main aim for implementing Online Tendering cse project is to perform product tendering through online web application, according to this process product tender details are published on web with required product information and about the status of the tender and information like starting and ending dates.Online-Tendering-CSE-Project.

As we know in present system tender advertising is done through news papers which is causing problems like communication gap between companies and government authorities because of this problem competition is reducing, ultimately cost of project is increasing. So developing this project can fix this problem by submitting tender details to a dedicated tender site which will

be visible for every company and apply for tender through this web site if they are satisfied with the provided tender quotation .This process will reduce time and provide option for different companies respond to the tender. 

This application has different modules in first module advertiser who advertises his tender details should register with the system and submit detailed information on the product. In second module companies who are searching for work should register and apply for the tender. Third admin module in this module admin will coordinate with both modules. 

This application can be developed within a low budget but regular maintenance is compulsory. 

Software and hardware requirements for developing this project are explained in project report. 

System specifications for Online Tendering CSE Project

Hard Ware Requirements:- 

  • Processor:: Pentium-II(or) Higher
  • Ram:: 512MB (or) Higher
  • Cache:: 512MB
  • Hard disk:: 10GB 

Soft Ware Requirements:- 

  • Web Server
: Tomcat 5.5
  • Server-side Technologies
: Java, Java Server Pages
  • Client-side Technologies
: Hyper Text Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, Java Script, AJAX
  • Database Server
: MS Access
  • Operating System
: Windows (or) Linux (or) Mac any version

For more information on online Tendering cse project you can download project report from this site for a free of cost.

Download CSE Online Tendering CSE Project report .