Smarter Billing System CSE Final Year Project


       The project “Smarter billing system CSE Final Year Project” is a system designed for the electricity board. This paper has provided high level requirements for fulfilling the board requirements. This project should be utilized by the architect and the developers for the designing of the solution architecture. The main aim of the project is the integration of a subset which has the components of IT environment.

       The project described here can use for developing IT solutions for meter reading and billing. Thus accurate data can be collected and monitoring can be done which will increase the efficiency of the employees. Improved customer satisfaction and revenue collection are also other benefits obtained. The customers would also receive an email notification about the charges for the previous month. 


        In this project Smarter billing system a distribution system is created for integration, automation and management of billing systems. The electricity board employee and maintenance engineer enter the username and the password. The system after receiving the details validates it with an interface having employee database system and role based access to SRS.

        The central server is to receive information from a message engine that is embedded in the EB meter. A message will be sent to the maintenance engineer from the server. This message provides consumer details like consumer id and no of units consumed. On the basis of this, charges are levied on the consumer. After this processing, the bill is generated.


    The system designed in the above project is an automated process and offers accurate information on the basis of which bills are generated. Also the system is designed for authorized users and thus provides authentication of the entire system. Also, email notifications and alerts are a part of the system making it very easy for users to know their bill details easily. 

download Project Report of Smarter Billing System CSE Final Year Project .

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