Secure Online Management Examination Using XML


           The current trend of writing exams through paper-pencil is pretty time consuming. This makes it very difficult for analyzing the exams manually. This also generates the need of invigilators whereas an online exam does not need an invigilator. The project “Secure online management examination using XML” is designed using this system. It is an online automated examination and is customized for test analysis management.

                 The web application provides the facility of conducting examinations online. This system saves a lot of time as many students can write only at one time and once the exam is done, the results are generated immediately. The administrator has the authority to create, modify and delete test papers and its particular questions. The user can register, login and check his results as well.


    The project Secure online management examination using XML requires Microsoft Windows XP operating system with the SQL server installed for its working. The software used to design this system is XML which is a W3C standard and is endorsed by the software industry. The system has three modules namely login, test and result. A quality login is provided so that access to the test can be done by individual ids and passwords allotted beforehand.

                    The test window is selected from a previous question bank and questions are selected for compiling a test and a timer is maintained for tracking the time. If large number of questions is present, then loops are implemented for sorting the questions from various difficulty levels. In the result module, the examinee will be given the result as the result of a total analysis. Topper marks as well as cu off marks will be given for comparison purposes.


       The project described above is an ultra-secure system which has various other facilities than the real one. Along with XML database, SQL and MSAccess are used. It is a comprehensive system.

download Project Report of CSE Secure Online Management Examination Using XML .

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