School Student Management System a Oracle Database Project


          The project “School student management system a Oracle Database Project” is an improved management system. It is used for handling all student details which has information about student details, subject details and personal details. Here all the work is computerized and managed by an administrator which updates and monitors the entire process.student-management-a-Oracle-Database-Project

         The project replaces the use of Microsoft Excel to track the data which is slow in data retrieval but now a semi-computerized system is designed where the data is printed after every semester that permits the entry of new data. Thus Microsoft Access is used in this system.

Student Management Oracle Project Description:

       The project School student management system has four modules which are student details, subject details and lecturer details. Here a database is designed which can easily store, retrieve and update data. Manual counting of student is eliminated. Also the time of retrieving data is shortened as required. This system captures information about student’s personal details, lectures and courses. Storing, updating and retrieving are done in a fast and accurate fashion.

          The project has some challenges which have to be met. The computer is sometimes not available for accessing as it is used for other purposes. However the best advantage of the system is that it provides access all kinds of information that the student requires. Student is provided with a login and a password and the required information is obtained.


     This project has been designed using Access. This is because the system has the ability to create dynamic data and HTML pages. The ability of this system is that data can be imported and exported easily through ADODB which is a common connector for most web applications. The database that is used here is Oracle which is well-known for handling of SQL statements.  

download Project Report of CSE School Student Management System a Oracle Database Project .

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