IVRS Based Result Announcement Summary a C Project


        As industrial revolution began, processes were controlled manually. However it later paved the way for automation of devices and systems. This automation of devices greatly reduces the need for human sensory as well as manual control. This has resulted in increased efficiency as well as an accurate and precise means for the production process. Thus, this has resulted in a demand in the industry for development of products that can exact more control. IVRS-Based-Result-Announcement-Summary-a-C-Project           

              This project on  IVRS based result announcement summary a C Project “” has been designed with keeping this purpose at hand i.e. to increase productivity. In this project along with human machine interface, a wireless technology called GSM where things can be accessed and controlled efficiently. Here things are controlled through mobile.


            The project IVRS based result announcement summary consists of some analog parameters with the aid of a wireless communication system. For the microcontroller a voltage of 5 V is required which is achieved by means of a step down transformer. The input then passes through a voltage regulator, a filter and is then given to the microcontroller. The DTMF keys enable or disable the parameter. On pressing a key, the corresponding device gets activated.

           This project is so designed that it can be placed in the college. A student who wants to know his result needs to a call from his mobile which is designed and connected to an embedded system. Once the connection is established, the user is asked to press a key to listen to the voice result. The voice unit is interfaced into the microcontroller.


               The project described above has been successfully designed and implemented. All the hardware components have been properly integrated into the circuits. Every module has been designed and placed in the circuit. The circuit has been built with highly advanced ICs and has been successfully implemented.

download Project Report of CSE IVRS Based Result Announcement Summary a C Project . 


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