Matrimonial Project Report a .Net Project

The project “Matrimonial project report a .Net Project” is to provide prospective grooms and brides with an excellent matchmaking experience. Through this web application, it provides a wide range of opportunities and resources to meet true potential life partner. Thus a world renowned website has been created so that it provides a wide array of options.Matrimonial-Project-Report-a-Net-Projec

Through this project, matchmaking process is facilitated and information is provided. The user is helped by providing profiles of the bride and groom and this application also has a search facility for criteria based of applications. As internet is a modern business, the project path for modernizing the trade.


In this project Matrimonial project report, a new user will first register on the site and after successful registration e will receive an email confirmation. After this step, the user can access the profiles available in the website. The site is divided into quite a few sectors. These sectors are registration, partner, search etc. The option of email functionality will allow the provision of direct email correspondence.

This application is designed in a modular approach and has lot of modules. These modules are admin module, user registration module, image uploading module, creating album module, sending express interest module, sending personal message module, search module and various other modules. To ensure security and privacy, the matrimonial web application uses Http  protocol.


Thus the project has been explained and executed in detail. Through this web application, future extensions can be incorporated in it. Web space could be provided for creating the portal. Also, an own mail server can be created. A chat server can be created for the user to communicate with each other. Also, provisions for creating a video album could be provided.

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