LINUX From Scratch a Linux Mini Project


The project “LINUX from scratch a Linux Mini Project” is basically formed to enable people to understand how the system works through inside out. This provides a learning experience for users to customize the Linux system according to their requirements. One of the important benefits of this system is that users can exercise more control over the system without depending on someone else’s implementation.

Another benefit of this system is to create a compact Linux system. When a regular installation of this system is done, it results in the inclusion of programs which are rendered unnecessary and they tend to waste disk space or even CPU cycles. The custom built system is a secured system and one gets empowered to audit everything from scratch and create a usable foundation level system.


The project LINUX from scratch is reconstructed again by making use of a previously installed Linux distribution. This previous system is like a starting point that provides necessary programs which includes compiler, linker and shell that builds up the system. The system designed here has five modules. They are ‘create a new Linux native partition and file system’, ‘download the packages and patches’, ‘constructing a temporary system’, ‘constructing a LFS system’ and a ‘making a LFS system bootable’.

In the first step, the petition that hosts the system is prepared and a file system created to mount it. The system is usually mounted on a dedicated partition and if not available, it creates a partition. After blank partition is created then it can be used to set up a file system. After creating the file system it is made accessible by creating a mount point. All these functions are carried out by the modules.


The system designed in the project is compact and flexible in nature. It is also more secure and consumes less memory space. The system developed here goes through all phases of software development cycle.

download Project Report of CSE LINUX From Scratch a Linux Mini Project .

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