Logistics Management System VB.Net Project

Project Title: “Logistics Management System VB.Net Project”

Project Description:  Logistics Management System is a web based final year software application, Front end technologies used of this project is VB .NET and Back end technology is MY SQL SERVER 2005. The main objective of this computer science and information technology project is to develop an application by which all the work related to management of transportation of vehicle in any organization will be automatically converted in to logistic management system. The developer has implemented this Logistics Management System VB.Net Project in HCL CDC, Hyderabad. This software is not platform dependent system and provides all user friendly navigations to browse

Packet Forwarding Priority Inference project

Project Details:    Packet Forwarding Priority Inference project is an Information Technology project. The main use of this final year project is to manage traffic in transferring packet between different routers. The main advantage of this application is to avoid traffic and congested network. This entire application was developed in the duration of 3 months for submitting final year major project.

Sales Monitoring System VB Project

Project Title:         Sales Monitoring System VB Project

Project Description: Sales Monitoring System was developed with Visual Basic 6.0 Programming language, This final project is a windows based software application explains about control all the sales activities of the goods production company and able to establish performance standards using quality levels of each product developed in company, reporting, efficient sales monitoring performance, reducing the time while data transaction and gives best results to the administrator. All the sales monitoring details can be stored at MS Access database.

Online Project Management System Java Project

  • Project Title: Online Project Management System Java Project
  • Software Tools: Java, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JavaScript, Tomcat server, SQL Server, HTML.

Project Description: Online Project Management system project explains about manages all software projects at different places in all over the world. This java based software application provides time to time status of work to the project manager and also this system can navigates different abstraction levels to each project member, it provides different security mechanisms to the software engineer. This project code was done with Java and SQL server. Front end developed with java server pages and application server works with tomcat.

Local Language Mobile Services Java Project

  • Project Title: Local Language Mobile Services Java Project
  • Project Software Environment: Java, Java Server Pages, JDBC/Hibernate, Java Struts 2.x Frame work, Tomcat application server, Oracle database server.              

Project Description: Local Language Mobile Services developed with Java Server Pages, Java Programming, Oracle database server, this software application provides different services to the common people like health management services, traffic management services, police services, and retail food prices system in user selected language. This final year CSE Project has designed using java struts frame work, Google web services for language conversion. The Main advantage of Local Language Mobile Services project is administrator can add any different service easily at any time with high security and the content of different services are dynamically changed whenever we select one language.

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Involved in requirements gathering
  • Involved in software requirement specification
  • Worked on SQL queries.
  • Coding login functionality using struts, JDBC connectivity
  • Front end Designing user interface using jsp and HTML.