Mcafee Network Access Control a Linux C++ Project

The project “Mcafee Network Access control a Linux C++ Project” is a system security solution that is designed for defining, assessing and enforcing IT security policies and is used to control managed as well as unmanaged systems. It is basically designed for protecting the corporate networks by blocking those systems which are not in compliance with the IT policies of the particular company.Mcafee-Network-Access-control-a-Linux-C++-Project

The method is powerful yet a flexible policy which detects threats and blocks them. This project is developed with an aim to make unit testing automated and also the BVT tests. It lessens the risk of undetected errors and saves costs by detecting problems earlier. Thus a high quality product is ensured by this system on a continuous basis.


This project Mcafee Network Access control is for the protection of remote access, high risk branch offices and also wireless networks that are passed on from infected workstations, servers, etc. This system works on the principle “Identify, quarantine and remediate attack vendors before they spread.” The e-policy orchestrator provides visibility and reports them to PCs that are used by guests/contractors. 

This system provides compliance for all the systems that are connected on the network. It also detects new systems when they send a request on the network. The Mcafee policy then scans the system and check if it meets the compliance policy of the network. Once the new system is scanned, it will decide what action to take.


In this system, there’s a test known s the Build verification test which is a set of tests that run on every new build and this is then verified before it is released and then given for further testing. If BVT fails, then the build is assigned again to a developer for fixing it.

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