CSE Mini Project on Library management system


The project “CSE Mini Project on Library management system” focuses on the development skills of user. This project is developed using relevant technologies. This project is carried out in groups where in students learn to work in a team as well as manage project schedules.

The project is done by making use of the best coding technologies. It also sticks to the fixed convention and adheres to project documentation standards.CSE-Mini-Project-on-Library-management-system

In this project the front end technology that is used is VC++ and the back end tool is ms access. Here information about books and the students who have borrowed the books is stored into the database.

These details are displayed from the database by writing the query in the programming language.


In this project Library management system, the creation of database for storing the details is done in tables. A table for member details is allotted as well as a table for book details is allotted. Another table is also needed which stores the details about students who have taken books and this table is named as Member book details.

The various details are stored at run time and similarly the transaction details are stored at run time.

This information is either stored in the database and they can be seen when required or they can be seen at run time by selecting the option display.

The earlier systems used to do the performance evaluation part manually but the proposed system maintains all the information in a standard database and generates reports when necessary. The user can carry out the search operation based on the above criteria’s.     


The project explains clearly the library management process in C++ and Visual C++. Here the connection between databases is established through the programming languages. Also, the system is flexible for future enhancements.

download Project Report of CSE Mini Project on Library management system .

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