LGI Monitoring System a VB.Net Project

The project “LGI monitoring system a VB.Net Project” is designed with the aim on handling details of loans, grants-in-aid and investments. This project is basically designed to make processing of loans and grants-in-aid cases in the ministry of Finance. The project is computerized and processes various cases in a systematic fashion right from form filling to the report generation for RBI. LGI-Monitoring-system-a-VB-Net-Project

The system is designed with software which will help an individual who is authorized to keep track of the information entered. The software then passes through three phases. In the first level, the first DH level user will fill in the sanction details and this is then passed on to the AAO for modifications. It is then passed to the PAO level where it is further modified. The final report is then submitted to the RBI.


The project LGI monitoring system replaces the manual system and gives rise to a computerized system. In the first step, the DH (Dealing Hand) user fills up all the data entries in a form. This is further verified by a second hand user which is the AAO. The DH user makes use of modules allocated for his use. The DH users then enter the data. The AAO user verifies all the data that has been sent by the DH user.

If the data is up to the requirements the AAO would sent it to the PAO. In the PAO level, complete access is given to all the master modules. He can then access information about the user accounts. All the records will be maintained in the database rather than the bulky files as was done earlier. In fact most of the work is done by click of a few buttons.


The project discussed here is an efficient and accurate method. It has undergone all the phases of testing and thus is ready for implementation.

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