CSE Mini Project Report on Multimedia Database Management System


        The project “CSE Mini Project on Multimedia database management system” can be defined as a framework which can manage different types of data. This data is potentially represented by a wide diversity of formats on a wide range of media sources. This Multimedia DBMS provides support for all kinds of multimedia data types and also in the creation, storage of multimedia database.Mini-Project-Report-on-Multimedia-Database-Management

                  This multimedia database management fosters suitable environment for the use and management of the multimedia database information. All the traditional database functions are supported by this project like data access and organization, data independence, privacy, integration, integrity control and concurrency support.


           This project Multimedia database management system keeping the traditional functions of DBMS as guide, the purpose of this system can be explained. In the integration method, the data items need not be duplicated and require different program invocation for obtaining the data. Data independence is for separating the database and management functions.

    Concurrency control ensures that the multimedia database is consistent throughout the rules and usually imposes some form of execution order on concurrent transactions. Persistence is the ability of the data object to survive through the different transactions and invocations. The privacy component ensures that the system does not get unauthorized access. Any queries can be solved at the query support. The version control is used for organization and management of persistent objects.


    Through this project it can be concluded that the database management for multimedia is a necessary requirement and can also be managed like the normal data which is very important for current multimedia applications. The multimedia systems do exist but they can be further enhanced by adding a lot of enhancements which will make the system work in a better way. 

download Project Report of CSE Mini Project Report on Multimedia Database Management System .


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