Travelling Agency a C++ Project

Travel agencies have to deal with a lot of customers daily. Hence it is very important to maintain records of all the customers. For this purpose we require software that makes it easy to maintain the customer details. The records of various customers can be stored in a single file. This software can be used in large number of travelling agencies where in records of their trips can be added.Travelling-Agency-a-C++-Project

In this project “Travelling agency a C++ Project” facilities like registration, search, display, modification, delete etc are provided. The software searches the client data in the database it has created. Moreover the software designed here is used to arrange travel services, give new and improved services and also identify travel related cost savings.


The main objective of the project Travelling agency is to make avail to the customers all sorts of travelling services. A host of services such as registration, display, search, modify etc are provided. In the registration step, the client has to provide his personal details. In the option of display all the client information is read like name, phone, cost etc. in the search tab, if information of a particular client is required, then that be obtained.

In the modify option, customer details can be changed or updated. In the delete option, record of the particular client such as his name, address and other details are deleted from the database. Modifications are also made to execute additional tasks. Also the project can be extended to provide number of places and availability of  vehicles.


The project explained here is very useful in maintaining the customer’s details and can work on the existing records of customer details. The workload of the travel agency manager is also considerably reduced. In the near future, the online registration can be implemented. 

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      1. mashutosh022@gmail. com
        Please sir send me code of this project with report. If any other project completely depend on cpp then also send me.

        Thanks @ Regards

  1. please its would be a huge help if you can send me the source code of this travel agency project
    please its request…..

  2. please its would be a huge help if you can send me the source code of this travel agency project
    please its request…..

  3. Bro I need the code for this program plz I have to complete my project within tomorrow just mail me the program save file

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