CSE Mini Project on Traffic Flow Management Using Wireless Sensor Networks


     The upcoming field of wireless sensor networks combines in a small device sensing, computation and communication. This network comprises spatially distributed autonomous sensors which monitor physical as well as environmental conditions like temperature, sound etc. though initially developed for military uses; this system is used for civilian applications like habitat monitoring, healthcare applications etc.CSE-Mini-Project-on-Traffic-Flow-Management

       In this project “CSE Mini Project on Traffic flow management using wireless sensor networks” proposes a novel method to control traffic lights via wireless sensor mechanism. These wireless sensors are placed in the lanes that go in and out of the intersection. These sensors are used to detect parameters like the vehicle’s number, speed, etc and this data is communicated to the nearest control agent that determines the flow model of intersection.


      The project Traffic flow management using wireless sensor networks’ consists of four elements. They are the Wireless sensor network (WSN), the intersection control agents (ICA), the actuators which are traffic lights and the environment i.e. vehicles. Every sensory node monitors one lane and this data is sent to the ICA. Once the information is receives, the intersection agent chooses the best policy for vehicle flow.

       The intersection agents in different areas coordinate to exchange information and decide which flow model has to be implemented. The model of this project is tested using Glomosim simulator. This simulator is a software is used to simulate wireless and wired network systems.


     Though the system is ideal for addressing the traffic issues, yet it might face several challenges when it is implemented in a large scale network. The wireless sensor networks are an ideal platform for monitoring traffic which can offer competition to the current technology. Here a prototype of the sensor node for traffic surveillance is developed. 

download Project Report of CSE Mini Project on Traffic Flow Management Using Wireless Sensor Networks .

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