My SQL Connect Form with Project Code


          The project “My SQL connect form” is one of the most powerful My SQL manager and an administration tool which combines the feature of SQL browser, administrator, php and other MySQL front end features. It is a complete Unicode support and has table diagnostics and also has the provision of dropping a database. There is also presence of a multitab query editor and result set editor.My-SQL-Connect-Form-With-Project-Code

        This system allows browsing of databases and tables from an intuitive Windows and Linux interface. The most required feature of this system was a GUI which was incorporated in the system. Tables can be easily modified in this system as the creation and modification of databases is easily done and exact copies of the tables can be reproduced.


          The project My SQL connect form leads to a very easy process for creating database and performing data transactions which is simpler to the existing system. Here, creation of stored procedures, functions and triggers are done in an easier way. The SQL query editing customizes highlighting and snippet files. The result f any data grid is stored in a single dump file and also XML files.

            A graphical user interface is provided for creating and the editing of stored procedures and triggers. There is also the system of placing one file per table or also one directly into the host. The result of this transaction can be saved either as an HTML/XML or a PDF file. This system also sends a list of tables, columns and variables directly to the printer.


          The project discussed here can be developed easily and can also be integrated with other systems. However in this project, it is not possible to find out the minimum and maximum values nor is it possible to make selections in ascending or descending order. This can be enhanced in the future.

download Project Report of CSE My SQL Connect Form with Project Code.

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