University Management System a .Net Project


The paper on “University Management system a .Net Project” is a project that comprises of maintenance of university, college, faculty, student information within the university. It is used to store information about the above mentioned parameters and is automotive in nature. The development of this process begins with the system analysis. This system analysis entails the creation of a formal model and is solved in steps.University-Management-System-a-Net-Project

This project covers all aspects beginning from the registration of a new student in the college along with maintaining attendance and marks of every student. In this project, the retrieval of information is done through an INTRANET bases campus wide portal. Information is collected from all the departments and files are created for measuring individual and overall performance.


In the proposed system of University Management system it ensures that the most updated information is available on the system. To execute its procedures it has functional divisions. The university administrator is responsible for registration of new college and courses. The college administrator is in charge of creating departments, allocating courses, creating faculties as well as making any changes to the data entered by the users which might be faculty or students.

The software technology that is used in this system is Microsoft .NET framework. It has a large library built with pre-coded solutions that can provide a solution to common programming problems and a virtual machine that exercises control over the execution of programs written for the framework. A user can combine the pre-designed codes with his own codes according to his  requirement.


There are several benefits of this project. Firstly it is a web-enabled project and provides a simple way for entering and modifying the data. To prevent invalid data entry, checks are made at every stage. Data storage and retrieval can be done easily as it has a single database.

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