Ultimate Search Tool a .Net Project

The project “Ultimate search tool a .Net Project” is used to search the file on the network or maybe search a folder in the network within the system. With the help of desktop search, it becomes easy to search for files and folders on the computer. It is suitable starting point for searching information. This search is conducted between files and folders within the database and makes it a fast process.Ultimate-Search-Tool-a-Net-Project

In this project, tools are provided in the system to identify which specific user has tried to gain access to the system. This tool is basically an add-on to the system. The project has three modules which makes the system flexible. The three modules of the system are network file/folder search, fastest desktop search and net spy.


In the project, the network file-folder search is used to obtain information about the shared folder. The particular file/folder can be searched by providing one IP address at a time. Thus there is no option of searching all files together. The file is searched in the IP add range and also in the particular IP address.

The fastest desktop search module is in use when the desktop is opened and the files and folders are searched by their title names, file subject, file category etc. when one runs this application, all the data must be inserted in the database. In the net spy module, when other users try to gain access to the system then the information about user’s IP address and remote location is also given.


In this project, new features can be incorporated that tends to help the users. It also provides the necessary file information. A dictionary search on the desktop can also be enabled. Also, the systems are connected in LAN. 

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