Uttarakhand Roadways a ASP.Net Project


This project “Uttarakhand roadways a ASP.Net Project” is basically the development of a website for people who need to access information about Dehradun. This information could be about colleges, picnic spots, tourist attractions etc. Users do not have to waste time by searching several links on the internet. The site has complete information about Dehradun and need not look anywhere else. Uttarakhand-Roadways-a-ASP-Net-Project   

The primary aim of this project lies in providing a user with accurate and a centralized portal to Uttarakhand roadways and other links. This is a one click for a person who hardly knows anything about Uttarakhand. This website provides information about Dehradun pertaining to tourism and transportation.


This project Uttarakhand roadways have designed a website and have links to various other Dehradun aspects. As soon as the website’s address is typed, the home page opens. This page has links to ‘contact us’, map, and transport. If contact us link is clicked, the contact details about the developer and his address is provided. Map is a link which provides an entire map of Uttarakhand. Tourist attractions and transportation links are also given.

To access this website the user should have an internet connection and a web browser. In this website, you can collect as well as store information. Functions such as placing an order, performing complex calculations and collecting information from the database can be done on the web page. These applications rest on a server and responds to requests from multiple users over the  internet.


The website designed in this project is easy to access and use too. A person who has basic knowledge about computers and internet can use this website. However this project pertains to information related only to Dehradun. In the future it can be extended and various other sorts of information could be incorporated in it.

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