TCP Fairness For Up link And Down link Flows In WLANS Project Abstract

As the channel is shared by so many users therefore fairness is one of the most important aspect. A dual queue scheme is proposed in an access point or AP among the flows of the uplink for TCP fairness as well as for down link flows. The problem of unfairness of the flow of TCO is just because of the various responses of the TCP ACK packet drop and data packet drop at the AP.

The latest proposed scheme involves two queues that mean one packet of data for the down link flow of TCP and the other for the up link flows of TCP flows that corresponds the ACK packets. The evaluation of the results of this new scheme is made through simulation and the presented results. In this scheme of dual queue the techniques are very effective and simple for solving the problem of TCP fairness.

The dual scheme helps to implement the send packets and receiving. Both can be done at the same time because two or more queues at the AP are employed. Usually one of the queues is meant for down link of the TCP packets of data while the other for the up link flows of TCP that correspondence the ACK packets. Each queue has its own rate of service and that can be controlled by AP. When the service of MAC is ready you can select each of the queues with varieties of probability.

In order to estimate the probability of the selection we first need to analyze the relationship that exist between the dual queue and the TCP behavior  The per flow queue analysis can be applied to the scheme of the dial queue by simply testing the similarities that persist between both the schemes. The packet dripping system is introduced by them which saves efficiency of time in the dual base works.

Stationary Store Management VB BCA Project Abstract

Introduction to Stationary Store Management VB Project:

Stationary Store Management is a software application that is designed for the stores that deals in stationeries and other such shops. This system further helps in the maintenance and billing of stocks. This system is designed to meet the needs and give exact guidelines for the process of development of the project that is discussed above. Specifically it provides guidelines on how to design the above mentioned project.

This document can also act as a guide for those who wants to develop this software. For a variety of outlets which includes retailers and wholesalers this software can be used. This software will make the process manually and also helps to maintain the records that are related to this subject including the handling of cash flows and stocks.

Maintain the account details and sales record is the main aim of this project. It also keeps attacking of the cash transactions. The software Stationary Store Management  is used for stationery purposes and it helps to maintain the regular transaction records on the desktop.

Currently the transaction so the stationary stores are maintained as per the manual system and  on the daily system. In order to improve the work efficiency like that of tracking the sales and other related issues some some more advanced system is required. The new proposed system help people in several ways like it help them in processing the billing easily. Maintaining the accounts will also become easier. It can help to keep a track of the sale and the details of the accounts. The software comes with the master entries that enable to enter new products or customer entry to modify, delete and add.

Software License Monitoring System Project Abstract

Introduction to Software License Monitoring System Project:

The software application is used to establish the specifications and requirements that are important for the development of this system by the programmers. The main objective of this project is to design a Client Server Oriented project. The scope of this project is almost similar to the requirements of any other documents. All requirements are laid out in the application in order to ensure the end users and the developers to maintain the same kind of understanding as well as expected. The requirements of the project will describe in normal times the website setup , topics that are available concerning this project.

This project is very helpful and it will enhance the working efficiency of the uses. Using this kind of software licensing software will reduce the problem of software licensing and at the same time it will able to reduce the manpower that is required at other times in the manual process. This process is presently proposed and it has a wide assortment of advantages to offer its users.

We are selling this project at a very reasonable cost and it will hardly take any time for installation. We have a specified back end but if your requirements are something different then we will customize our project to meet the needs. We will send this in a CD through the VPP post and it will also contain the videos of how to adjust the back end and install it on your system.

You need to send an SMS or a mail to us specifying the address where you want to take the delivery. You can collect the product from the postman by paying him the required amount. This project is made universal and it can be used by all who are meant to perform the function for which the project is designed.

Simulation of Mobile Banking Final Year CSE Project Idea

Introduction to Simulation of Mobile Banking Project:

The mobile banking simulation will not change your habits of money using and inserted it will make use of the computerized system to reduce the time and the paper works that is usually required. This will change the traditional system of banking to ensure that your finances are managed in a more efficient and quick manner.

The customers of the bank who are everything for the bank not able to take part in the processing system of the bank easily. With the online system this problem can eradicate. As the title suggested this document has to do something in the process of banking using the mobile technology.

This will help the customer to reduce the time taken for the transactions. At the same time he will also able to access it from anywhere. Through the system of mobile banking a customer can able to make transaction from any part of the world and can also view the details of his account whenever he wants. Moreover, this system helps to transact money to another person over the mobile device.

It provides an easy way of accessing the bank account through the use of mobile phone. It also enable to pay bills and other services that are related to money transferring. This system can not only use for payment but also for transferring of money to another person. The person whom you are transferring can receive the money from his business colleagues, friends who are connected to this system or directly from the bank.

Server Managed Desktop Movie Capture Project for Final Year MCA Students

A tool is used for capturing pictures, sound, video and others that you can see on the screen with the use of SERVER MANAGED DESKTOP MOVIE CAPTURE. It can at the same time record the window, part of the screen, full screen etc from source like line-in, microphone and speakers. It also enable to record files like playback, preview, move, delete, copy etc. with this program. This tool is a screen recording equipment and it enables to capture the activity of your desktop into AVI video files.

This is an advanced capturing software  that can used for capturing anything including the windows, cursors, menus, desktop, and video along with sound. Screen Movie Studio helps to record all these activities and allows you to save them and followed by play back that you see on the computer screen

The AVI file creation and screen capturing enable to read the images from the stream of videos and Decompress a video stream that is compressed. Compressing and uncompressed stream of video, changing video stream compression style, exporting the stream of video into a different AVI exporting the audio stream into a file format known as .Wav, copying an audio and video into a new file  that is.avi file, adding new sound from .Wav to the video file, creating new streams of video from the the bitmap lists, adding of frames to the video stream whether compressed or not, inserting frames into the video stream ad copying and deleting of frames are some of the other tasks that can be performed by the AVI file created and screen capturing.

The system of task manager provides details about the performance of the computer and at the same time showcase the information’s about the programs as well as the processes that is running on the desktop. If your system is connected to the network then you can see the status of the network at a single glance.

MCA Final Year Project Topic on Sales Management with Abstract

Introduction to MCA Final Year Project Topic on Sales Management:

The sales management software is an application that is designed for the stores that are involved in selling of products and similar kind of shops. This software is used for the billing and maintenance of accounts. This project gives specifications about the requirements and also give guidelines for the project development that is mentioned above. Specifically it also states about the crafting of the above stated project. This document further intends to provide the developers of this software with practical guidelines.

This is a generic software and can be used by various outlets including wholesalers and retailers to make the billing and marinating of records automated. It also helps to maintain the cash flows and stocks. the records of sales and the details of accounts along with transaction of cash is handled by this software. For general stores who are dealing with daily products this software is the most ideal. It helps in the daily operations of the stores and marinating the days’s record as well.

Currently the maintenance of the stores are performed in a manual system with is a time consuming matter. It also leads to lots of errors in spite of several cross checks. Plus it becomes a tedious job while searching for a particular detail. All these problems give rise to the need of a new advanced and modernized system.

The new proposed system enables the owners of these stores to increase their work efficiency in various ways. It helps in maintaining the billing records and marinating the lengthy accounts also become easier. The track can be kept on the details of the accounts sales, purchases etc. This software is equipped with master entries to add/modify /delete entries of customers and to enter new product details. This system is very useful and it helps in the work of the sore keepers.

Real Estate Site Management System MCA Project Abstract in

Introduction to Real Estate Site Management System MCA Project:

A program known as Real Estate site Management system is designed for those who have recently joined the real estate as a consultant for distribution of sites. They recently covert the lands they have purchased into sites and in order to handle this entire process a software is developed. The main objective of this project is to highlight the requirements and to provide guidelines for the benefits of the project that is mentioned above. It also  provides guidelines regarding the frame of the project that is stated above. In short, this project aims to provide a guideline for people who are involved in developing this software application.

Plus, this project is a pilot project and is designed for the consultants for real estate who currently convert all the lands they have into sites. This software aims to handle the records and documents, pictures related to the sites and the informations stored in  the system. This project is broad and comprehensive that can meet all the requirements.

Using this project consultant can easily manage his office without facing any sort of hasslement. There are lots and lots of paper work that comes in the real estate consultant office everyday which need to be managed and sort out for fulfilling the objectives. It becomes a cumbersome job to handle all this in a manual system ad it can also lead to errors. Thus to minimize this risk there is an intense need of an integrated system which is fulfilled by this software application.

This latest proposed system makes the entire office work computerized thus increasing the efficiency of work and reducing the need of manpower. At the same time it also helps the consultant to manage the daily operations easily and smoothly. Various modules are used for fulfilling the diverse needs of the office works.

Real Estate to LET Service Web Portal Project

There is a single networking site for real estate known as the Real estate to let service that enable to connect the consultants investors, developers, investments, brokers, home owners, fund managers, vaastu consultants, architects , lawyer and others who is relate to this business and have a web knowledge.

This is the only commercial website of real estate in India as well as a residential premium. It connects the brokers and owners with the investors and tenants. The website also looks after the diverse needs of the national and local people. It caters the products and services to meet the needs of the Indian real estate industry. We also specialize in Residential  and commercial real property which includes office areas, shops, industrial land, property, housing complex, apartments, bungalows, villas and businesses for lease, rental and sale.

This project is very helpful and it enables the user to keep the records of all the transactions including the sales, purchases, returns, advances etc. this project will reduce the workload of the real estate owners and it also reduces the manpower required. With proper work organization it makes searching easier. This system is designed to overcome the limitations of the manual system and it includes time consuming, money expenditure, loss of energy and so on.

This system is built for universal use without any significant moderation’s  This software can handle the daily operations of the real estate office and gives a clear details about the business related information’s that can help in the growth of the company. At the same time it also gives reviews and show clear accounts that can be used for taking important business related decisions. Moreover, we are ready to sell this project and all you need to do is to mail us or send an SMS to us providing your address.

Project Monitoring and Control Project Abstract

PMC is used to understand and insight the progression of the project so that correct and appropriate actions can be easily taken when the performance of the project deviates from the plan significantly. The progress aspect of a project includes schedules, deliveries, interfaces, cost, risk, effort, validation, verification and other supporting services amounts. Planned management is captured of these aspects in softwares which can be one of even more.

While coding and design various aspects of this system are taken into consideration. Implementation of important checks is made when needed in order to eradicate the misuse of the system. Various built in tags are used to design this software so that the users can find it easy to use and convenience in understanding while working. This system also allows complete facilities of selection which shows to be user friendly. Flexibility and ease of operation give a further scope of improvement of the system in future.

Each user is provided with a password and login id that redirects the users to enter their respective modules. In case of a DSU user the system will redirect it to its own DSU model. This is a web enabled project and the users who are authorized can only access this. Accessing is allowed from all locations.

Product Stock Management MCA Mini Project in VB Abstract

Introduction to Product Stock Management MCA Mini Project:

The project PRODUCT STOCK MANAGEMENT   is designed to handle the warehousing stocks and this software application maintain the records that include good stock going in and out and other related issues.

The present system is based on manual technique and this project tends to automate the system so that maintaining the records of good stock, goods in and got out becomes easier than before. To maintain the stock records also this software is the most ideal. Transactions that are related to returns, goods out and goods in can be maintained manually and presently the mountain of customers and suppliers accounts are also done in the manual system.

All these processes should be done in an automated manner and for that we require an application so that all the data can be logically and relatively used for accurate outcomes. This system should able to replace the existing technique without any specific moderation and problems. Plus. This application should able to provide quick readings of maintenance. The system must able to give reviews that are important and related to the business so than expansion can take place easily by comparing . Reports should also be provided that showcase the details of related issues which will facilitate to the important business decisions.

An SRS is the writing if an organization’s understanding about the potential requirements of the system and customers at a specified time period. This step is to be accomplished in prior to the actual development work and design. This is a two way policy of insurance that make sure that the organization and clients can both understand the requirements from the given perceptive.  This document is written in explicit language and in precise form. This document also acts as a blueprint that helps in the completion of a project as also reduce the cost growth as much as possible. This document is also known as “parent” document.