Cargo Management System .Net Project

Cargo Management System is a comprehensive module designed for addressing the areas of general cargo operations through the aviation. Cargo management system are an innovative way to load and store heavy or bulky cargo’s.

Cargo manager is a domestic air express market which transfers goods. Cargo manager can serve the customers  by carrying the goods from one place to another. Customers can approach this cargo manager with the help of website.

Cargo Management System 01

Cargo manager website provides some information about themselves in the opening page. The details include their services .terms and conditions.

Cargo Management System 02

Cargo manager provides the contact details to the customers. Customers can even search the states and location to check the availability of the service.

Cargo Management System 03

Customers can check the availability by filling the fields which include origin city,destination city,weight and total price and click the  find button to check the availability.

Cargo Management System 04

Cargo management system provides a clear information about the banned products to the customers. So customers can avoid all the items listed by the cargo manager.

Cargo Management System 05

Customers can login with the username and password if he is already old user. Or he need to register with the website.

Cargo Management System 06

User can register to the site in a simple way by giving the details about username ,password ,phone number and email id and click submit button.

Cargo Management System 07

Customer now can login by using the valid username and password.

Cargo Management System 08

After registration user can give the basic details which will be used for the transaction. The transaction details include customer name,phone no,email,type of material,product name,number of products,source,destination,address destination phone no and time.

Cargo Management System 09

Customer after sending the product can check the status by giving the customer id and customer name

Cargo Management System 10

Customer will get a greeting message from cargo management provided with the customer id.

Cargo Management System 11

When the customer checks the status of the product he will get all the information of the product in an table form. He will get the status whether delivered or not.

Cargo Management System 12

Customer can write  the feedback to the cargo manager by selecting the feedback option and click the send button.

Cargo Management System 13

Customer can change the request by selecting the cancel the request option and fill the fields which include customer id,customer cancel request and date and click the send button.

Cargo Management System 14

Customer can change the password to their account by entering the username,current name. password,enter your new password and click the save button which will save the new password.

Cargo Management System 15

Customer after selecting the home option will return back and if he wants to login he need to give the username and password and click the submit button.

Cargo Management System 16

After getting logged in he will see the welcome page.

Cargo Management System 17

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